Saturday, 26 February 2011

Jackey Bakers Play Area

Last week's Isle of Thanet Gazette provided good coverage of the work that my Northwood ward colleague Cllr. Liz Green has been leading on to provide better children's play facilities at Jackey Bakers. Liz and I are pictured below with local residents at the play area.

This has been a regular issue at meetings of Northwood ward's Police and Communities Together (PACT)meetings. Children need better facilities which in turn reduce anti-social behaviour.

Many Northwood residents have said to me that they want to see the same sort of play facilities as they see in Cliftonville and Dane Park in Margate. My Labour colleagues in Cliftonville East and Margate Central have worked hard to secure money from the Safer Stronger Communities Fund. Ramsgate residents understandably expect similar levels of play provision.

Jackey Bakers current facilities are unacceptable. Unlike almost every other childrens play area in Thanet there is no fence to keep dogs from fouling where childrens play. For three years Thanet District Council Conservatives could have used the £50,000 from Abbey Homes to make things safer for Northwood children. Their decision not to demonstrates that "the Big Society" is a myth. Money for children or to keep as reserves? It is clear which has been Thanet Conservatives priority over the last 3 years.

Instead they have in effect used this money as an interest free loan, so that it is part of "reserves". This is wrong, and it is time action was taken so that Northwood children have fenced off non-rusty play facilities as soon as possible.


  1. Applaud what you are trying to do for the children of Northwood but could not help a wry smile at your comment about your Labour colleagues over in Cliftonville and Margate.

  2. wheres k dark in that photo