Monday, 11 October 2010

Roy Ford

I am sorry to hear that former Labour Dane Valley Thanet District Councillor Roy Ford has died. Roy was a Mayor of Margate and Tony Ovenden details here how Roy helped to preserve Margate's history.
I have heard a fund of stories from my Labour colleagues about Roy and I will ask to see if one of them will write a more detailed obituary.
Roy also served in the Second World War, notably at Arnhem I understand. We shall never forget them.


  1. He had a brilliant mind and I think he was under estimated, Palm Bay School was Roy Fords idea, Westwood Cross was another idea and he also modernised the Margate charter Trustees making it more relevant to the people of Margate.
    He was a officer in the parachute regiment at Arnhem and was one of those who earnt the parachute regiment their reputation by fighting their way out instead of surrendering, he was wounded in the leg and hand in the hand to hand combat, his best friend died in his arms. He was a British soldier he was brave and served his country well experiencing the full horrors of war fighting facism.

  2. Roy was a great bloke, true to himself, and would not be swayed if he thought he was right! Just the sort of person we need more of!!
    I remember him leaving the council chamber before a vote because he did not want to be part of a decision that he was 'whipped' to vote for. A Man of Honour.