Monday, 18 October 2010

Livestock on the Line

This evening the train I was travelling on back to Ramsgate from London hit something. The driver asks for the guard to get in touch and then the guard says the train has hit some er, and then correcting himself says "livestock". The train stops, and then after a wait drives on slowly to Marden station. The guard announces that he will have to check the train for damage.

Speculation on the train is that we have hit cattle. Descending the guard carefully walks round and inspects the train.

After a further delay the guard announces the train will proceed slowly as no trace of the pheasant (livestock???) can be found. The train limps late into Ashford International.


  1. Well, Mark, even though it seems unbelievable I accept you really couldn't make up something like that. Just wait until the leaves start falling or a bit of snow! Please convey my deepest sympathies to all commuters, something I thankfully gave up myself a few years ago.

    Maybe the rail company should add a 'Pheasant plucker' to the train staff!!

  2. It doesn't take much to ruffle your feathers Mark, lets hope those of you in first, were not to inconvenienced

    I recall your discomfort earlier in the year when you couldn't get wifi at St Pancras and wondering if you were aware of the 160 plus track workers employed by Balfour Beatty being advised of their redundancy many of whom are local to this area and possibly your own ward who as I understand have since lost their jobs

  3. Happy birthday Tony, I'm a standard class ticket buyer, I don't get the 1st class rail privileges of rail staff like yourself.

    As a Lib Dem who has supported the massive cuts attacking ordinary working people your concern for people losing their jobs is touching, but I am sure they would welcome you opposing your party's policy.

  4. It's accepted by most of the population that Gordon Brown and Ed Milliband, got us in the situation we now find ourselves.

    As a paid worker for Labour its obvious that you will tow the party line, since at the very least your job depends on it, I however have the choice and I accept that not everything is rosy with the Liberal Democrats but there remains an honesty which you will not find in the Labour Party.

    As you'll appreciate, you and your colleagues will cynically use the next five years, to convince the public and even yourselves that your not responsible for the current mess.

    I don't support any attack on working people and if you were brighter you'd know that your party created a situation which have seen people like me and those in construction, lose jobs and income, and an attack on civil liberties including "standards boards", "I D cards" and most recently your pal Mandelson's "Digital Economy Bill"

  5. Mark, like ECR and Bertie before him, you seem to have gone very quiet on your blog which I hope is nothing to do with the rumour, picked up on another site, that you have been deselected.

    Although not of your political persuassion I think you express your views generally fairly and I have come to enjoy our odd exchanges on your site.

    Cannot really afford to see yet another Thanet blogspot fold!

  6. It may be accepted by those who have believed the spin of people like Mr Flaig, and those predictable parts of the media, like the Daily Mail. Informed opinion is, however, that the primary - if not sole - cause of the nation's financial woes was the banking crisis. The likes of Mr Flaig refuse to acknowledge, or comment on, the fact that most other countries are in exactly the same position and condition as the UK - some better some worse - which rather suggests the Labour Party were not to blame. But that confuses spin with fact, which of course does not suit Mr Flaig.

    I am still laughing over his claim that there is a fundamental honesty in his Liberal Democrat Party. This is the Party that campaigned on various long-held principles, objectives and policies, then gleefully turned their backs - and faces - on them when they were lured into bed with the Tories. What price the salaries, perks and glory that go with a handful of Cabinet post?

    It is also a shame that Mr Flaig seems incapable of comment without being personally rude and offensive - not a traditional hallmark of the Lib Dems. I would suggest he needs to calm himself and moderate his tongue if he is to be taken seriously.

    And before he resorts to his usual vitriol, I am not a member of the Labour Party nor any other political party. I am, though, proud to say that I always have been, and remain, a Labour voter.

  7. Whilst the banking crisis was responsible for the world recession it did not cause the appalling shortfall in the British economy brought about by spending more than we receive. Even Labour recognise the position we are in and Alistair Darling was also planning major cuts if returned to power.

    If we go on blaming the bankers and failing to recognise our own shortcomings, in terms of managing our budget, we will go bust. It is no use making comparisons with Ireland, Iceland and Greece for Britain is a G20 nation and should never have got in this position.

    You cannot spend what you haven't got regardless of which political party you support so time for some realism.

  8. Mark - I would like to ask if your soul is saved. Have you repented of your sins and accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour? If not, then you will face eternal damnation in Hell when you die. Jesus died for your sins - you must repent and accept Him as your personal Saviour in order to go to Heaven when you die.

  9. Bob Hutton, who lives in Broadstairs, is a thoroughly unchristian homophobe. His blog contains posts that are inflammatory and vile. One of his most recent was published on the day Claire Rayner died and asked if she would burn in hell because she died an atheist. He offers hell and damnation to all those who do not subscribe to his narrow, minority view of the bible. The man is an insult to anyone else who properly calls themselves "christian" - which I do not; I am a committed atheist just like the late, and marvellous, Clare.

    And before he responds with his offer tp pray for me, no thanks, Hutton. Pray for yourself.

  10. Bob Hutton

    You really do not have to worry about Mark because he has got the Archbishop of Canterbury in his party. Having given his flock no guidance to the point where many of them are defecting to Rome, the dear doctor suddenly pipes up to criticise government plans on the long term unemployed even before the full details are known.