Sunday, 26 September 2010

Traffic Lights

Well yesterday's post showed I have no future as Mystic Meg! The Labour Party very quickly united around Ed Miliband as its new Leader.

I am working at Labour Party Conference in Manchester. Ed Miliband's first scheduled speech at a fringe meeting after the leadership result announcement, was at the London Labour Party reception. Word got out and quickly the room was absolutely heaving.

One of my favourite parts of Labour Party Conference is the chance to catch up with old friends. My fellow Thanet Labour councillors Linda Aldred (left) and Michelle Fenner (right) were also present and took the chance for a quick word with Labour's candidate for Mayor of London Ken Livingstone.

Michelle had a longer talk with Joe Derrett. Joe is fondly remembered and regarded for all his work in the South Thanet constituency in the 2001 general election. Joe has just successfully run Ken Livingstone's press campaign during Labour's Mayoral candidate selection.

I happily acknowledge I am not the world's best photographer. The bottom photo shows the reaction to my "great idea" that Michelle and Linda should line up with my employer Mary Honeyball, Labour's spokeswoman on Women and Cultue in the European Parliament, in "traffic lights" formation.

Perhaps against their better judgment they kindly went along with the idea.


  1. I almost expected a post about Thanet when I saw the heading... : (

  2. A Rose between two 'Thorns' then?

  3. Michelle and Linda are certainly thorns in the side of Thanet Conservatives continuing poor performance.