Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Racing up the Charts

I am delighted to be, as they used to say, the biggest mover in the charts. Leading Conservative blogger Iain Dale reports I am number 20 in the Total Politics top 100 Labour blog awards. Rising a massive 79 places I scrape into the Top 20, to provide another nice button to go with last weeks entry into the Top 30 councillor blogs.
I have been very touched by a number of people who have told me that they voted for me to show their support in the light of the repeated unfounded vexatious attacks this blog has had made against it by some Thanet Conservative councillors. I am humbled by such solidarity.
Congratulations to fellow Kent Labour blogger Tristan Osborne's Musings from Medway which rises from 98 to 59. I recommend this recent post which reports:

"There are also (apart from kerb crawling) incidentally further cases pending of staff bullying, problems with leading cabinet members disclosures and accusations of skullduggery over the recent primary school re-organisations. Each of these involves Medway Conservative Councillors."


  1. Mark, you should be careful in your somewhat universal condemnation of Conservatives for some of us, and I know of three, who contribute comments on here and voted for you in the blog charts are more blue than red politically. We are not all idiots and villains any more than all Labour supporters are. Just have differing views on some issues.

  2. Bluenote thank you for your votes and your point is well made. The link in the post clearly demonstrated who I thought responsible but to be clearer I've added a "some" before Conservatives.

  3. Appreciated with thanks. Have a nice weekend, presumably in the garden, unless you are craft fair browsing over at Quex.