Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Human beings too

I know politicians get a bad press, it can be dispiriting sometimes as to how you are treated. This email received by a London Labour councillor gobsmacked them slightly when they received it:

"I am terrible at politics. I hope you will forgive me for the rude tone of my email. I was replying to you as a councillor and neglecting to remember you are a person too. I'm sure the situation here will resolve itself amicably and I chastise myself for letting it get the best of my manners."


  1. Perhaps the reason politicians, of all parties, get such a bad press is because they have a tendency to place party politics before the best interests of the people they serve. They also switch views to suit their political purpose.

    In opposition the Conservatives made much of Labour's alleged under funding of our armed forces. In office they now seem hell bent on cuts that could seriously undermine the defence of this country.

    In office Labour condemned widespread strike action but now Harriet Harman is promising the support of the party for just such action by the TUC.

    It is this political expediency which makes us public so cynical. All too frequently one feels politicians speak with forked tongues and that what they say will change as they move in and out of office.

    At local level I know that many councillors give of their free time willingly in a desire to serve. Unfortunately they too, all to frequently, get embroiled in the silly political pint scoring, forgetting who it is they are supposed to represent.

    Strangely enough, the very idea of politicians working together to provide good governance which should be their aim, is roundly condemned by other politicians when it happens as with the present coalition or the Lib/Lab pact back in Jeremy Thorpe days.

    Personally, I hate politics, not politicians who frequently start out as people trying their best but get caught up in the system.

  2. Mark and Bluenote

    I was in Thanet recently and went to Lydden Lodge Valley Road where David O'Leary was murdered 1st March 2008. You know I am helping his father and so far have eleven complaints of negligence against Kent Police murder inquiry upheld at IPCC.

    I also visited the closed 6th Thanet Range with the man who got it closed.

    I don't know when I am next in the area (where I still have some property interests) but if you want a site visit with the former neighbouring landowner who closed the range down. I can see if it can be arranged. You can be shown exactly where he recovered bags and bags of empty cases (9mm .38 .45) from the TOP of the quarry edge which was on his land (You know the significance of this Bluenote. There had been prolific firing from the quarry top 24 feet above the target end the wrong way back down the range)

    I don't know whether Michael Child would organise for you to meet the witness to paramilitary live fire training there.

  3. Retired

    Thanks for the invite but not my scene looking at closed down ranges. There are far too many closed down barracks, dockyards and airfields in this country and it just makes me nostalgic for the nation we once were.

    The location of the bagged ammunition does not necessarily indicate from which direction firing was conducted but hard to believe anyone would fire other than into the butts. As to the calibres, well pretty ancient stuff really. Some 9mm still around but .38 and .45 went out with the ark.

    Not really anything to do with the the likeability of politicians other than should you be motivated to shoot them sometimes.