Thursday, 9 September 2010

Chris Bryant for Labour's Shadow Cabinet?

I have been quietly impressed by Chris Bryant, Labour MP for Rhondda in his work. He was Minister for Europe prior to the general election. After Labour's Leadership election, there will be a new Shadow Cabinet elected. If he turns in more performances like this then he must have a very good chance.

This is not just Kay Burley screwing up. It is the Sky News team, with researchers, an editor able to brief her through her earpiece and a producer who puts the whole team together. When these interviews happen, it is often overlooked that the BBC or Sky will have far more resources to prepare for the interview than the politician. Do have a watch as Bryant kebabs Burley.

Hat tip to Tomos Livingstone of the Western Mail.


  1. If that is your idea of kebabing you evidently enjoy your meat rare. Strange also that you consider shouting down your interviewer and calling her dim to be a performance worthy of a shadow cabinet post.

  2. I've also been impressed by Chris Bryant and hopefully he will be considered for a shadow cabinet post by whoever wins the Labour leadership. Not sure which Miliband brother he's closest to.

    Regarding the clip, yes it was good to see Kate Burley made to look un-informed and Tory biased as she normally is.

  3. Shinguard, I think you will find that most TV interviewers are the opposite of the person they are interviewing at the time. It is what passes for probing questioning these days even if, leastways to my taste, it borders on ill manners at times. It is also doubtful that it serves the intended purpose of making us, the viewers, any better informed for it can, and often does as in this case, degenerate into something of a slanging match.