Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Beating the BNP in Medway

Former Medway councillor Bill Esterson has stood down from his seat since he was elected as MP for Sefton Central. That has left a by-election in the River Ward of Medway Council. The BNP are standing and this is particularly galling as the ward covers the area where the annual Love Music Hate Racism Medway event takes place.

Vince Maple is organising Labour's campaign. If anyone has any available time between now and August 12th their help would be greatly appreciated.

You can call Vince on 07981 661 451, alternatively you can call Labour's excellent candidate John Jones directly on 07886601725. There will be activity going on every day.

Thanks to Tristan Osborne's Musings from Medway blog for the picture of Labour campaigners. A win here will also send a message to the new Conservative - Liberal democrat coalition government.

The election here in 2007 was decided by less than 30 votes so your help could really make the difference.


  1. So what message does any by-election, particularly a local one, send to any government? Don't seem to recall Gordon Brown paying to much attention to by-elections which is probably why he never got the message "Come in, Number 10, your time is up." Mark, you really should be better than these silly political attempted point scoring games.

    Your article would have been must better left at its primary aim, to drum up support for the local campaign and candidate in said election.

  2. Perhaps the people of Medway (especially Labour candidates) would ask the BNP to declare the full facts about expulsions from BNP in Kent in the 1980s, Deal area being of interest.

    The reasons for expulsion(s) was allegedly that the expelled member(s) had carried out paramilitary training in Kent with an opposition right wing group.

    The BNP formed by John Tyndall in 1982.

    It follows that expuslions from it could not pre-date 1982 however evidence of paramilitary activity at Deal Barracks and on Kent ranges pre-dates the founding of BNP.

    So was it the case that "Unsuitable right wingers" reported to MI5 by Brigadier HARVEY about Deal Barracks 1981 (pertaining to the period 75 to 81) had joined the BNP after it founded but whilst still conducting paramilitary training with another right wing group ?

    Was the other right wing group IRA supportive ?

    Did the other right wing group have links to VMO who were arming IRA at that time ?

    And why all these years, including the IRA murder of 11 Royal Marines at Deal Barracks 1989, have the BNP failed to come forward with evidence ?

    Don't seem like the action of a party truly loyal to her ma-amship HM the Q do it ?

  3. Mark, I thought you said in a previous item that you had to be careful about comments posted to avoid libellous, inflamatory or unsubstantiated content. I am no fan of the BNP, or the IRA for that matter being ex service, but what evidence has Retired got for linking the BNP to the IRA and, worse, to the bombing at the RM Barracks in Deal. He has already been asked to stop making such unfounded accusations on Eastcliff Richard's blogspot so now it is your turn.

    Perhaps Retired has also not noticed that whereas the Union flag is a symbol attracting hatred in the Republican movement in Northern Ireland it is emblem of choice of the BNP. Hardly happy bedfellows.

    Personally I would not give publicity, of any kind, to either of the aforementioned organisations for it is what they thrive on.

  4. bit like the daily express story that the BNP and Al Oueada were working together.
    if you believe that i got a seaside villa in Medway you can buy of me

  5. People vote for the BNP because they are the only party that listens to the people of Medway.

    Old 'Retired' is just a racist bigot that has got too much time on his hands.

    The lib/lab/cons just want your money. The country wouldn't be in this mess if we could make our own decisions and not be controlled by unelected faceless corrupt burocrats in Brussels.

    Wake up and smell the coffee people, read the truth on

    You can guess where my X will go ;-)

  6. Thanks for the link.

    The BNP vote crumbled and we can expect this to continue. Parties of the far right do very badly during the Labour opposition years as the working-class base returns home to Labour.

  7. Well your call for volunteers seems to have worked because you beat the BNP!

  8. see the conservatives won the seat!!!!

  9. Dear Mark,
    anything to keep the BNP as far from real politics is a good thing.

    I have sent an email to your "cllr-mark.nottingham@thanet.gov.uk" about a quite different subject.
    Is there an email that is likely to achieve a response?

  10. The Tory has now resigned the seat, after less the a fortnight.

    Typical incomptence

    Looks the fight is on again.

  11. Let's keep the record straight. The Tory resigned the seat because Kent Police said he could not hold it as a Special Constable. They then discovered they had got it wrong but, as the Cllr had already tendered his resignation, he could not withdraw it.

    In a decent world he would be allowed to fight the seat again unopposed thus respecting the original wishes of the electorate and saving the time and cost of a whole re-run election.

    I won't hold my breath of the right and sensible course being adopted.