Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Beating the BNP in Medway

Former Medway councillor Bill Esterson has stood down from his seat since he was elected as MP for Sefton Central. That has left a by-election in the River Ward of Medway Council. The BNP are standing and this is particularly galling as the ward covers the area where the annual Love Music Hate Racism Medway event takes place.

Vince Maple is organising Labour's campaign. If anyone has any available time between now and August 12th their help would be greatly appreciated.

You can call Vince on 07981 661 451, alternatively you can call Labour's excellent candidate John Jones directly on 07886601725. There will be activity going on every day.

Thanks to Tristan Osborne's Musings from Medway blog for the picture of Labour campaigners. A win here will also send a message to the new Conservative - Liberal democrat coalition government.

The election here in 2007 was decided by less than 30 votes so your help could really make the difference.