Thursday, 8 July 2010

Wanting It Both Ways

Listening to Radio 4 Today's programme this morning Conservative MP Ian Liddell Grainger complained 6 schools due to be built in his Bridgwater constituency by the Labour government's Building Schools for the Future (BSF) have been cancelled. Amazingly he says right at the end "this is not political".

Ian appears to be the Tim Nice but Dim of the Conservative Party. It is simple, vote Conservative and you get shoddy schools. Schools were run down into a terrible state by Mrs. Thatcher's government, and now schools are to be run down again. Labour spent to improve schools, the Conservatives want to stop this. It is political Ian, Vote Labour and you get better schools, Vote Conservative and you don't.

Local South Thanet Conservative MP will be letting down her constituencts. She's part of the Conservative Party committed to stopping the building works needed at Clarendon House Grammar and Chatham House Grammar schools in Ramsgate, and the Northwood Centre in my own ward. Bankers I note will not have increased taxes until next year, a choice of priorities which says it all. I would bring the tax on bankers forward, and increase it. Instead the priority is to cut schools.

If Ian Liddell Granger is sincere he should leave the Conservative Party, you can listen to him wanting to borrow more money, and trying to avoid responsibility for his actions here. His non-political comment comes right at the end.


  1. I heard some Tory, didn't get his name. talking on Five Live last evening going on about discipline in schools ahd how he'd been beaten with a cricket bat, caned and thumped by 'masters' at his, presumably, public school. Didn't fo him any harm, he claimed.

    Can't believe people like him still run the country!!

  2. As the BBC have astutely commented this week, Tory MPs will bray and applaud the cuts overall - not because of economic necessity, but because they fit perfectly with Tory ideology (smaller State etc.) - but will baulk when the cuts mean something specific in their constituencies.

    Cutting Civil Service Pensions and jobs, for example, creates less of a local focus, and of course attracts little opposition from the wider public - whereas cutting a school rebuild has a direct local impact and a direct impact on voting intentions.

    It shows that despite Clegg and his puppet-master Cameron talking of a new era in politics, nothing has changed. Government MPs will not support anything that they think will take away their future job prospects. This and the other acts of hypocrisy we are seeing every day probably explain why the local trumpeters for the Lib Dems, with their new Tory friends, are devoting so much time to rubbishing Labour. Diversionary tactics are clearly the order of their day.

  3. The Lib/Dems really don't need to rubbish Labour for Lord Mandelson, not to mention the new leadership candidates, have done a pretty effective job of that themselves. Incredible that people, who just a short time ago were saying that Gordon was the right man for the job, are now distancing themselves from everything he did or stood for. Just how hypocritical is that?