Monday, 5 July 2010

Hythe Carnival Alive

On Saturday I went to Hythe Carnival part of the Hythe Festival.

Hythe's High Street has weathered the move into the internet age of shopping better than most. It has several charity shops but they fit in well, and the partial closure of the High Street every Saturday provides encourages retail trade. I recommend the Demelza House book shop especially which always has interesting finds.

The Carnival Big Parade included many floats one featuring the town's councillors. An interesting idea that perhaps could be copied in Thanet. Personally I think I would get a better response as a councillor if I volunteered to go in some stocks to have wet sponges thrown at me to raise money for charity!

With a band, street performers, Punch and Judy for children there was something for everybody. Better still were the afternoon events on Hythe Green. Vintage Kentish buses provided free tours of the town. A great idea to show off Hythe's charms to new visitors, and encourage them to return.

Dozens of classic cars were on display, and there were many other stalls for gardening, football and all the other things a town wishes to show off. Best of all were all the free rides for children. There were half a dozen giant inflatables, a carousel, and other classic rides. A giant slide, a land train, a Pirates Adventure and a stage with songs and comedy. Best of all and the only attraction with long queues was the simulator with its trip through space whilst being thrown around as if you were on a big dipper.

Clearly Hythe Town Council had spent several thousand pounds to provide a great free day out for local children. Ralph Hoult, Ramsgate's Deputy Mayor was present, and I hope that Ramsgate's Town Council will look at creating a similar event. I have briefed Ramsgate Mayor Dave Green and I know he is keen to provide a series of summer events.

All the volunteers, sponsors, organisers and councillors in Hythe deserve a big thank you for putting together such an impressive event.


  1. Oh dear Mark, I bet those old vehicles put out as much CO2 as Margates Big Event!!

  2. Ken
    You miss the pont like your climate change denying colleagues. Encouraging people to use buses is the future, and not something to be sneered at.