Monday, 19 July 2010

500% Over representation

Sometimes figures say it all...

From “The House” magazine

“A tenth of all MPs were educated at just 13 schools, 12 of which are public schools. This means that over 60 of the nation’s parliamentarians were educated at a tiny percentage of its schools.”

“54% of Conservative MPs attended fee-paying schools, 40% of Liberal Democrat and 15% of Labour.”

“7% of the population is educated at public schools, compared to 35% of MPs.”

That's 500% over representation.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are stopping the Building Schools for the Future programme which benefits 93% of the population.

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  1. Perhaps all it demonstrates is that the best private sector schools are infinitely better than those provided by the state and give youngster a better all round education not confined soley to examination targets.

    Of course, once we less well off had the opportunity to go to one of many fine grammar schools, often the equal or better of the private sector, but they fell foul of the left wrongly being seen as the preserve of the middle classes. Sad!