Thursday, 17 June 2010

Two Good Men

My fellow Thanet District Council Labour councillor Mike Harrison should blog more. I thought he may have transferred to the national stage when I read this article by Mike Harrison on the Progress website. This Mike Harrison I think is a Yorkshireman and his conclusion is one I would like to see all the Labour Leadership candidates having more regard for his conclusion..

"We need clearer, distinctive and more coherent messages supporting our polices in government which has made the difference to people's lives; but yes quite rightly we should apologise or acknowledge where we got it wrong - but it has to be the right balance and we have to strike it now."


  1. Your joking, surely Mark, the policies that made a difference to me, were losing large parts of my income because "bigots" like Gordon Brown, chose to undermine working people, nice to see that Balls and the like belatedly accept the damage.

    I refer to Gordon Brown as bigot because he personifies the I'm all right attitude of so many of your Labour colleagues and of course as that's how he see's people with ordinary views.

  2. Talking of Gordon Brown, he did not turn up for the opening of the new session of parliament and has yet to be seen in the house. As he is still an MP, and presumably still drawing the salary, shouldn't he be at work? Wish I could get a job paying that much and not even having to bother to turn up.

  3. Tony
    Your point is bizarre, the Party you are a member of had exactly the same policies on immigration. How do you feel about young unemployed people losing training through cuts whilst wealthier people are untouched?
    Bluenote you have enough political intelligence to know better than that. I hear Laura Sandys is neglecting her responsibilities already, surely a far more important point for us here in South Thanet.