Friday, 18 June 2010

A Small Event in Margate This Weekend

I will not be supporting Margate's Big Event this weekend. Some readers will know that I object to thousands of pounds of public money being spent on an airshow.
Last year I wrote
"Thanet Council are due to support the Nottingham Declaration. This is the top local authority acknowledgment that Climate Change exists and needs to be addressed. It is disappointing that 340 local authorities have already signed, so Thanet is one of the last to do so.

The Nottingham Declaration recognises the central role of local authorities in leading society's response to the challenge of climate change. By signing the Declaration councils pledge to systematically address the causes of climate change and to prepare their community for its impacts. You can find out more about the declaration
The events in the Gulf of Mexico with BP's massive oil spill, surely demonstrate that we need to reduce our demand and enthusiasm for oil, not promote it. It is fine by me for petrolheads and dieselheads to spend their money as they will. It is different for public organisations that should spend our money wisely.

Thanet Council's Conservative adnminsitration was elected on the slogan Vote Blue Go Green. The hypocrisy of promoting an event like this reinforces why the public are cycnical about politicians.

There is an environmentally friendly event in Margate,the Tom Thumb Theatre will be open on both days this weekend for visitors to have a look around. I am told Frankie Jordan will be telling the odd story, and the Smugglers Records musicians will be playing on Sunday.
It also gives me the chance to feature the Grateful Dead's Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues as a song to enjoy for the weekend whatever you are doing.


  1. Just how many visitors to Thanet do you think the event at the Tom Thumb will bring and how much extra money into the local economy. The Margate Big Event will bring thousands in both people and money.

  2. The big event last year cost over £50,000 a day which is a whole big wedge of cash for what we actually got visitor wise. Spending the money in local shops would probably be a better and more direct boost to our economy.

  3. We haven't had anymore enquiries to stay at our B&B during this weekend of 'The Big Event'. It doesn't work for us as a tourist event. Not sure how well it translates into extra business for shops and cafes in the Old Town either.

  4. Bluenote
    First you defend Roger Gale, now Thanet Conservatives, no wonder you choose anonymity! A sad comparison Tom Thumb costs me nothing the Big Event means my constituents are denied decent park provision in favour of vapour trails and as you have said:
    "The real criticism stems from the fact that as a nation our expenditure was exceeding our income before the global down turn."
    So on both grounds your argument is flawed. Matt and Louise confirm that the Big Event is not the best way to spend the limited local monies we have.

  5. Mark, surely the overall aim is to attract more tourists to our area and the cumulative effect of the various events is to do just that. It is not confined to any one event or even that day but more about the discovering of Thanet.

    A family I have come to know from Dulwich found us by chance when attending Folk Week in Thanet a couple of years ago. They are now regular weekend and holiday visitors even in winter.

    Unlike you I also do not see all things as political. It would not matter if we had a Labour or Lib/Dem Council for I would still support events that bring people to Thanet.

    Most events will attract criticism from some quarter. I have heard people in Broadstairs complaining about all the noise that results from the Folk Week festivities. Others do not like Morris dancers. Some object to Gay Pride events. Whatever the council(s) and organising groups put together, regardless of political hue, some of our resident whingers will moan. Par for the course I am afraid but in your case it is just constant digs at a Tory controlled council.
    You really should try to get a life.

  6. But Matt and Louise, or even your good self, Mark, are not the only people whose opinion counts! If indeed the activities which take place in the Old Town were the only judge to be applies, I would soon hear over on Michael Child's blog from those who think Ramsgate is always left out. Generally, hotels fill for the Big Weekend, or have done in the past.

    I support the Tom Thumb theatre, with a little council tax payers money as well. Truth is, there is room for both, they entertain and attract different groups, and add to the diversity of entertainment on offer. As I similarly have done for the excellent Lark in the Park in Ramsgate. Or indeed the Food Festival in Broadstairs, alongside Folk Week.

    Sometimes we have to be a bit visionary in what we do and try new festivals and events to ring the changes. Kites, Jazz, and Beach bikes spring to mind, all of which at some stage I have supported and encouraged alongside Gay Pride, Satah Thorn Theatre Club and many others.

    The post is a little small minded if I may say so, and does you little credit. You can do much better, and much less bitter and twisted!

  7. I agree it is just a way of the local tories buying our votes for next years local council elections, we may have let margate decline, got rubbish filling the streets, flogged your assets but we did put on the Big event! The music must be drowning out most people's peace, i can hear it from over a mile away!

  8. Anonymous, I am mystified. If you do not support the Big Event and even find the noise of the music annoying, how can that be construed as buying your vote? In the immortal words of the legendary Mr. Spock "it is not logical."

  9. Mark, I doubt it but maybe TDC actually don't believe that climate change (whatever happened to "global warming"?) is man-made, a view I share.

    Louise, Matt, etc, does this event HAVE to be about people making money? Why can't it be simply about people enjoying themselves? I know of money kids (& lots of adults) who see this event as the highlight of their summer, & judging by the comments I've heard most weren't disappointed (I didn't go myself this time though I walked past it this afternoon while out rambling).

  10. *many* kids, not "money"! See, you've got me thinking about money now! ; )