Saturday, 24 April 2010

Steve Ladyman's Record of Achievement

Knocking on doors with Steve Ladyman is always a pleasure. So many people know him, know things he has done for them or their friends. You frequently have people say I normally vote for X Party but I know Steve so I will be voting Labour. He has done more for South Thanet than any other MP before. As this video shows, he has a record to be proud of.


  1. I can identify with that here in North Thanet, only the other way round: I've always been a Labour supporter, but Roger Gale has done so much for so many people I know, including myself. So I'm still a little undecided...

  2. "I agree with Nick" if its good enough for Gordon Nick gets my vote.

  3. What desperation! These are not the achievements of our local MP, but the achievements of the Labour Party that has provided us with the largest economic deficit in British history that we are all now paying for. It goes without saying that our children and our children's children will continue to pay over the next 100 years!

  4. Vote for someone who voted FOR the Digital Economy Bill, i don't think so. I usually vote Labour - not a chnce in hell this time round

  5. The digital economy bill proof if you need it that Labour is sold out to big business and with it peoples rights.

    Maybe Ladyman might like to take credit for the crowded jobs market which means even if your prepared to work for minimum wage, your unlikely to get a job due to the millions of migrants bought in by Labour to feed industry with cheap workers again a move to benefit big business

    Labour's great banking give away just when will the banks be repaying my money Ladyman

    Health and education spending frittered away by increasing the population by 3 million or so

    I cannot wait for Ladymans P45 hooray remember a vote for Ladyman is a vote for Cameron switch your vote to the Liberal democrat.

  6. Famous last words, there, from Tony Flaig, card-carrying - if not policy-carrying - member of the Liberal Democrats.