Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Laura Sandys breaking the rules again

Last year Laura Sandys apologised unequivocally for failing to follow planning rules following an article I wrote.

Last week I wrote on how she had been asked to leave Ramsgate train station for infringing rules.

Now a "Labour activist" writes on Laura Sandys latest misdemeanours....

The 'Ubiquitous Blonde' doesn't know where the South Thanet and North Thanet constituencies are so has billboards in North Thanet in various farmers' fields presumably with their consent. One at Minster, one near Hornby Hobbies, one near QEQM Hospital on St. Peter's Road. Probably more but I haven't seen them all.

Now, I've been on to Richard Samuel Thanet District Councils Chief Executive and planning expert Steve Albon who say 'Nothing we can do' but....

A planning expert tells me advertisements are not allowed on roads considered 'accident blackspots' which St. Peter's Road, Margate near the QEQM Hospital is. That's why there is a 50mph speed limit.

So, technically, one breach of convention (posters in someone else's constituency) and one breach of other rules, advertising on a black-spot road thereby causing a distraction for motorists.

If this woman doesn't know the rules how can she expect to be taken seriously as a political candidate?"

I do hope Cliftonville and Margate Conservative County Councillors Chris Wells and Michael Jarvis, and Villages Conservative County Councillor Charles Hibberd will look into this, as I understand this is a matter for Kent County Council highways.

Time for another "unequivocal apology" Laura Sandys, but can you give an unequivocal apology a second time on the same subject??


  1. That's a bit desperate, isn't it? There is no rule against putting posters up in other constituencies, and what is deemed an "accident black spot" has to be considered individually: for example, it is possible that the 50MPH limit you referred to has fully mitigated the risk, so it isn't an accident black spot at all.

    Is this kind of childish mud-flinging the best you can come up with? If it is, then you are in real trouble; if it isn't then you should stop wasting time on it as it just makes you look petty.

    And, incidentally, I say this having never voted anywhere right of centre in my life.

  2. montgomory mole14 April 2010 at 22:38

    Grow up

  3. 14:58 - Try saying the above when how many people have been killed or knocked off bikes down that road - either by speeders or drivers not paying attention - I believe that there should be NO roadside signs for any party roadside.

    *Montgomory Mole - say something worthwhile.

  4. The point is there are conventions governing election campaigns as well as rules on expenses etc. OK, plenty of people go past these signs in the course of a day but equally, plenty go past signs placed in the proper constituency so why tread on someone else's toes?

    No, the whole issue revolves round a candidate, her organiser and party association that doesn't know where the boundaries are between the two constituencies.

    Why waste resources leafleting, as they are doing, the wrong areas? All that does is confuse the voters and waste money. Mind you, the S. Thanet Conservatives and their candidate seem to have plenty to waste judging by the number and expensive appearance of all their literature. Bet the other parties would love to have a fraction of that pot of money.

  5. I do note, Mark, that you seem to want to fight the election over issues like these, or fox hunting, or if Tories wear, and talk to people with jeans, anything but the record of your government. And, as always when you make a scurrilous statement your pack of anonymous hounds weigh in with supporting 'stories'. I am sure Charlie Whelan would approve, and the occasional neutral reader who strays here by accident will draw the obvious conclusion.

  6. Yes, this is a storm in a teacup. Someone made a mistake and put Laura-specific posters up instead of Conservative generic. Easily rectified.
    If I were a Labour supporter I'd be more worried about the lack of your own posters. In 10 days of canvassing around the constituency, including areas that are certainly not 'safe Tory' I've seen one Labour poster, and that was outside Steve Ladyman's house!
    Has he given up already?

  7. Fox Hunting is hardly a trivial matter Chris, & may will be the deciding factor for many who are as yet undecided...like me! I do agree that all this Laura poster business is nonsense though.

  8. Tory activist, don't suppose you thought that, rather than create 'election fatigue', Labour decided to wait for a bit before getting posters out. For your information, I've seen plenty when out and about so hardly just one, as you claim and I've got two in my porch but chose to wait until today before displaying them.

    On the fox-hunting issue, many were concerned that David Cameron chose, with many others issues possibly more important, to raise lifting the ban way back in January. Cllr. Wells may think there are more important issues and there are, but one of the few clear Tory policies we had until Tuesday was trying to repeal the foxhunting ban. David Cameron obviously doesn't think it unimportant.

  9. I've pretty much made up my mind to vote Labour now. I don't think some of the things I feel strongly about would've happened under a Tory government (minimum wage, gay marriages, fox hunting ban), so better the devil etc... I still have a problem with Brown, but Cameron is even worse, a slimy little creep who reminds me of Blair.

  10. I noticed the sign for Laura Sandys by B & Q has been changed to 'Vote for Change'.

    Perhaps her campaign organiser reads the blog.

  11. I'm sure Laura's campaign team have better things to do! It's all so petty - mudslinging over poster placement! Make your decisions based on policy, please :-)

  12. For the attention of 'Tory activist', I've been out and about this a.m. enjoying the sunshine and have spotted Dr.Ladyman posters in the windows of some houses in what I would think were 'traditional Tory areas' plus several posters on stakes in gardens.

    There's a house in a very attractive Cliftonville avenue where every window has Dr. Ladyman posters

    I haven't so far seen any Laura Sandys' posters up in any houses. The only ones were the 'tell Laura' ones in N. Thanet or generic 'Conservative' ones in various fields.

  13. I'm (probably) voting labour, but I'd rather look at a poster of the lovely Laura than I would Dr Ladyman... ; )

  14. Labour anti foxhunting is ajoke.Every saturday there are hunts going on with hounds pretending they are not hunting foxes,it's sickening,and what does Labour Gov do...sweet jack all