Saturday, 17 April 2010

Crampton Tower Museum A Growing Success

Today I visited Crampton Tower Museum in Broadstairs for their Hobbies Exhibition weekend. I would recommend a visit on Sunday which is the last day of exhibition. Crampton are fortunate to have many volunteers, almost 40 I was told, most of whom actively particpate.

There is an excellent website (whoever has put this together deserves particular thanks). It has a photo gallery which comprehensively covers the site far better than my snaps do.

The soldiers paraded, shot and showed off their historic artefacts. I do like the image of them with Broadstairs train station behind which just about shows one of the High Speed 1 trains at the station. Ancient and modern together.

Children could have rides on the electric railway, and there is more track ready for installation to extend the length of rides. There was also the opportunity to play with the several large model train sets.

Talking to several of the enthusiastic volunteers a quite success story unfolded. From 3 days a week now the museum opens 7 days a week for half the year, and there is now winter weekend opening too. Numbers of visitors grow each year. There is disappointment that Thanet Council uses Crampton Tower as part of its advertising strategy, but does not support the museum as it could do.

With the sad news that Ramsgate Maritime Museum may now have been finally closed by Thanet's Conservatives, assets like Crampton Tower Museum need a secure future. I'll make the pont again that a long term viable tourist strategy should be based on year round attractions like Ramsgate Maritime Museum and Crampton Tower Museum. One off 'flash in the pan' events are not sustainable, nor are they an efficient use of Council taxpayers money.

The exhibition also offers the chance to play with scalextric cars so many a childhood can be recreated. Crampton Tower is a little treasure, long may it continue growing its reputation.


  1. Quite agree - The Maritime museum had already recruited or re-recruited about 20 volunteers by the middle of last summer - doesn't TDC realise the community value as well as the tourist and other economic benefits of such assets? Wasn't it TDC that 'needed' to charge the good people at Crampton rent - they should be subsidising these attractions on the same basis as Turner Contemporary will be supported by our (KCC) rates.

  2. The miniature railway looks fun - but which inspectorate has passed it for safe running? Photos can be deceptive but that wall looks too close to comply with 'motion envelope' regulations.

  3. It's good to read the museum is doing so well as it was threatened with closure a year or so back. TDC decided to pull the museum's financial assistance but I'm not too sure what the outcome of that was. It seems the museum has got itself on a secure financial footing. Do you know if this is the case?