Friday, 2 April 2010

The Bright Side of Margate

Guest blog by Margate Central Councillor Iris Johnston, do watch at least the first 2 minutes of the video.

Many residents thought it was an April Fool's joke when we heard the BBC were coming to film Margate on 1st April. Others groaned and thought ‘More shots of closed shops despite the Governments 40 million into the area’ However we were all very pleasantly surprised.

I understand the presenters, Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakely, arrived by helicopter into Hartsdown Park and I got to speak to them as they wandered through the town. They were absolutely lovely with everyone they met and chose several people to dress up in Easter Costumes. They ended up in the Old Town meeting the Mayor and Mayoress Mick and Shirley Tomlinson who ‘loaned’ the carnival float for the day and presented a prize for the best costume.

It was very good for them to see Margate bright and sunny and my long requested spring clean of the town before the holiday season was implemented just in time. The programme is expected to go out on Monday evening and they took away a Kiss me Quick hat and bucket and spade I gave them from Teresa on the sea front.

A special thanks to Richard Spillett at the Isle of Thanet Gazette who went around the traders the day before with leaflets advising of the visit and to everyone who participated. Good fun and cheered everyone up!

To continue the good cheer here's my granddaughter Niamh shaking her beautiful booty to KC and the Sunshine Band Best Easter wishes Iris


  1. I hope the use of the helicopter was justified by the BBC and offered value for money to licence payers.

  2. What a star!!

  3. Yeh!Good news!The old Town was buzzing.btw your grandaughter has got rhythm,made us smile!

  4. Good point anon 13.19 and not environmentally friendly either, wahy didn't they jump on High Speed 1 I wonder?

  5. We just need to keep the place cleaned up now!
    I don't hold out much hope though, apart from the seafront and the Town Hall area.

    But even that would be good.

  6. Watched the programme but thought it was dire but at least Margate looked ok and spotted Richard Spillett taking part.

    Typical dumbed-down BBC tv.

  7. A waste of time and taxpayers money - made me realise I was right to move away before TDC devalued all the homes in Margate. I feel so sorry for those still trapped down there.