Saturday, 20 March 2010

Thanet Council bottom of the table on Housing

Shelter the housing charity have carried out a survey of Councils across England. Here's what Shelter found on housing in Thanet

"There are 4,697 households on the waiting list for affordable housing in Thanet – at current letting rates this will take 9.38 years to clear.Independent experts say Thanet needs to build 1,544 homes per year. Thanet District Council planned for 70 new affordable homes to be provided last year.

This was less than the number of new affordable homes needed.

Despite this, only 63 new affordable homes were delivered on average in each of the last three years, even less than the number planned and less than was needed."

This is a shockingly bad record. Compare Thanet to the rest of the country and it comes 309th out of 320 councils with returns. In the South East only Shepway (Folkestone) was worse out of 64 Councils.

My previous post highlights another bottom of the league table Thanet District Council performance on Ramsgate Marina. There's no doubt after 7 years it has to be time to sack the manager, Thanet Council Leader Sandy Ezekiel. On housing Cllr. Zita Wiltshire has held the Cabinet portfolio for three years and her performance leaves a lot to be desired.

One aspect of the housing portfolio is tackling issues of anti-social behaviour. On this like her fellow Thanet Cabinet members Martin Wise and Simon Moores she has a very poor record, readily tolerating and defending anti-social behaviour when carried out by Conservative colleagues. In particular at Standards Committee she has sadly striven to run the line that Sandy Ezekiel and Roger Latchford are innocent, even when finding herself in a minority of one. If only she had shown the devotion to her portfolio that she does to her Leader.

The point is made very well in this week's Isle of Thanet Gazette by Eastcliff Richard and I've taken the liberty of copying it here. (go to Eastcliff Richard for an enlargable version)

My thanks to Cllr. Iris Johnston Labour's Shadow Cabinet member for Housing for highlighting this information.


  1. What you choose to ignore councillor is that the secretary to the charter trustees, wife of councillor ezekiel, was supported in her grievance claim against your labour colleague councillor clarke, for bullying and harassment. I think there were at least 6 separate counts. The charter trustees had to apologise on behalf of councillor clark on this because he was too ignorant to do so. And your leader, councillor hart has raised the issue again with his recent disgusting e-mail attack on the charter trustees, where is only consideration is his own thoughts, and none at all for the feelings of councillor ezekiels wife. I am sure councillor wise who conducted the investigation would be only too happy to spill the beans if you would care to ask him. So your own group is as deep as anybody in disgusting behaviour if you are honest enough to face up to it. What are you going to do about it?

  2. Even that other deprived seaside town of Hastings with its unemployed ranks swollen by the London Boroughs comes in at 209, and it housing list is less than 600. Must be something the council there has done right regarding housing.

  3. I am clicking, but it's not enlarging.

  4. Anon 13.03 sad you stay anonymous but tunderstandable as there is so much nonsense in your claim. It would be good if these matters were in the poublic domain but Martin Wise is an unprofessional investigator of matters like these and works in a partisan manner. He does not care for Margate's reputation having taken no action to address the criminal activity of fellow charter trustee Ted Watt-Ruffell. Ted is a Conservative so Martin applies his standards, double standards.
    Cllr. Ezekiel's wife has a record for working in a biased manner only for the interests of the Conservative Party. It was her call that lead to the "edinburgh Woollen Mills" and only recently has been engaged in correspondence and actions where she provided a second class service to Labour members.
    You ask what I am going to do about it? I ask you to reveal yourself and publish all you know and Martin Wise to do the same.
    This will not happen because it will reveal the hopelessly weak nature of your claims and slurs on good people, shame on you.

    Anon 1303 thanks and many other similar areas the same. Thanet's worst because it has a Cabinet more concerned with harassing people than serving the community.

    Richard I can't make mine enlarge, so I've amended the post. Thanks for drawing this to my attention.

  5. Couldnt agree more, keep fighting Mark, TDC is currently run by a load of bandits, totally unrepresentative of the local population, lacking integrity i could add loads more and i am not even a labour voter, just an unrepresentated local member of the public who is shocked to hear how low this council can sink!
    Car clamping and cruel mayors, yobs who swear at social functions, abuse ladies in shops what else is there to come out?