Saturday, 6 March 2010

Patching Potholes Pouring Money Away

A guest blog from Jenny Matterface of Broadstairs...

"You might be mistaken for thinking the photographs with this posting are of some farm track, unadopted road or country lane but you'd be wrong.

These photographs were taken this morning and show Beacon Road, Broadstairs.

OK, it's been a harder winter than normal, and Kent Highways did send a team to patch this busy road a few weeks ago.

Oddly the workers only filled in one or two and left the rest.

As it was raining I said to them it seemed an odd day to chose but was told....

'We've been told to do it, but we know it's a waste of time'.

You can see quite clearly where the gravel used to fill the holes has been squeezed out by the traffic, and h
as sprayed up on to the pavement.

What I find odd here is that the Thanet Way, the A299, is down for resurfacing this month.

I can't say I have spotted any lumps, bumps or holes on the A299 but can show you plenty on Beacon Road.

Drivers and cyclists have to play dodge the parked cars, the potholes and debris in the road.

Cyclists beware if you come along here after dark as some of these holes could swallow a small child or animal."


  1. Yes, it has been an unusual winter, with freeze and thaw difficultieswhich always give the headache of added potholes. There are 60 teams out across the county patching potholes where it is feasible, on a seek and find basis, or where they have been reported via the Kent Highways number.

    There are always comparitive positions that can be taken up. If the A299 is up for resurfacing it would not be because of this winter, but as a renewal programme for a high speed road where risk assessment will tell you the consequences of accidents are likely to be more devastating. Should that be delayed, for perhaos pot hole patching emergencey repairs, which is the rather obvious inference of your statement, and then a major accident occurred, the position of the county council would be impossible.

    An extra £1 million has already been allocated for road repair of this sort; a new additional campaign of repair starts in early April, and District and Parish councils have been advised of this and asked for their priorities, as known to them.

    I hope you have called the KHS reporting line, and allowed these to be put into the system for repair. There are similar problems reported in Lower Northdown Road; outside Charles Dickens school, and in many other areas. They will all be dealt with in the end I am sure. Your warning for cyclists is important, they are most likely to be affected, but there is much to do,and it will have to be taken on a priority basis.

  2. Jenny Matterface7 March 2010 at 09:11

    Chris, you miss my point which is that the workmen were selectively patching the odd hole here and there on a wet day when they themselves knew it was a waste of time. The pothole outside my gate has been filled several times following our reporting it but rather than do the job properly, a bit of tarmac is tamped in, on a wet day, then the first bus that comes along squeezes it out and. hey presto, hole is back.

    Since the wet day more workmen have been along but they only did the odd hole here and there, no apparent scheme. Can I suggest you drive along Beacon Road this week and play dodgems yourself, then come back and comment again?