Friday, 12 March 2010

A Night at the Opera

My infatuation with the new High Speed 1 trains and St. Pancras train station continues. When it first opened I wrote about the need for initial teething problems to be worked through. The station's free wifi is occasionally unavailable at peak times due to so many people using it, and can be slow. It also bars several sites on a somewhat random basis - several of the blogs on the blogroll on the right hand side cannot be accessed.

On the upside for a busy hub there is a relaxed feel to the Southeastern trains part of the concourse. Recently, I heard this group of young singers doing a wonderful marketing exercise. I know very little about opera but the sound was like the old BA advert, and a tranquil contrast to the sounds of the station. These young singers were busking and advertising that University College Opera will be performing Robert Schumann's only opera Genoveva at the Bloomsbury Theatre from 22nd March.

What an ingenious idea to combine a rehearsal with fundraising and raising the profile of the production whilst entertaining. I only wish they perhaps could video an extract as the clip of the opera below does not do justice to their singing. I hope their production is a success, and with the theatre 10 minutes walk from St. Pancras perhaps they will attract some visitors from East Kent.


  1. Mark, the RMT have sent out letters to all platform staff members that Southeastern propose to cut platform jobs. Southeastern have already withdrawn train dispatch from many stations and platforms, meaning that trains are no longer being dispatched 100% safetly on some platforms with curves. Once again afety is being compromised for profit.

    Remember this posting as there will be a accident somewhere on the network in the future as a result,

  2. Mark,
    Ifatuation with the train service is ok, but please do not think its a very 'green' form of transport, it only (like electric cars) moves the pollution elsewhere, IE Drax a & b.

    Its time for more nuclear power

  3. Here is an official advert.

    Thank you for the plug! Still two more nights to go - Friday and Saturday.