Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mixed messages on foxhunting from Laura Sandys

Work commitments meant I was unable to attend this morning's anti-foxhunting demonstration. My thanks to Councillor Alan Poole for the photograph and others present for their help in putting together this report.

"In King Street, Ramsgate outside an apparently deserted, derelict Laura Sandys' campaign office a large group of animal welfare activists gather to draw attention to the proposal by David Cameron to allow a free vote on the repeal of the hunting ban should the Conservatives gain control in the forthcoming election. The peaceful and legal demonstration was organised by those concerned at Ms. Sandys' persistent refusal to say publicly whether or not she would, if elected, support the lifting of the ban on hunting with dogs.

Had she left town to avoid speaking to the large contingent with placards outside since her latest advertisement promoting her new website lists the King Street address as her HQ?

As the numbers angered at the proposal to allow hunting even to be put on the political agenda grew it became clear that Thanet residents and others visiting the area oppose any suggestion that blood sports once again be permitted in this country.

'Why do the Tories want to turn the clock back?' was a typical question asked by those queuing up to sign the Keep Cruelty History petition.

One member of the demonstrating group had recently managed to get a statement from Laura Sandys' Personal Assistant who did say, when pushed by the campaigner, that Ms. Sandys would, if elected, vote to repeal the hunting with dogs ban. Odd then that Ms. Sandys has released a press release saying she has no interest in hunting with hounds.

Slight problem here with being consistent, Ms.Sandys. It was clear from the numbers who supported Barbara Woodrough and her fellow anti-animal cruelty supporters that South Thanet wants an unequivocal statement that shows you do not intend to vote, if elected, to support any attempt to bring back hunting with hounds."


  1. Funny that because I heard from Laura first hand that she wouldnt vote for it

  2. I've heard other people say similar things Matt, but if that's the case then why on earth can't she just clarify her position on this publicly?