Friday, 5 March 2010

Laura Sandys new supporter....Robert Mugabe

Over the last few years many Conservatives, including some Thanet Conservative councillors who are backing Laura Sandys as the Parliamentary candidate in South Thanet, have made disgusting comparisons about Labour representaives and Labour's record to corrupt tyrannies. Today though the corrupt Robert Mugabe has come out in support of the Conservatives saying:

"We have always related better with the British through the Conservatives than Labour, we have a better chance with David Cameron than with Brown."

Read the full story here.

Will Laura Sandys who claims to have foreign policy expertise, find some principles and reject this endorsement? Or will she stay silent as usual in the hope of courting Mugabe supporters in Thanet?


  1. The previous Tory hopeful for South Thanet wanted to hang Nelson we have 'nice but dim'..........what is it about Tory hopefuls in South Thanet?

  2. Mark.

    Words fail me!
    Are you running out of decent material to write about!
    What a desperate attempt from a socialist!

  3. Anon of 1817, I have to agree. in another thread someone accused me of being jittery because of answering a question posed by Mark. This tenuous linkage, and rather pitiful attempt to smear by association, rather sums up who is desperate.

    if you read the origimnal article, it is clear that Mugabe is up to his tricks of interfering elsewhere to deflect from his own awful actions.

    All decent politicians would avoid quoting, or using this awful man's statements and justifications. As a matter of record, it is you, and the Labour Party who have tried to use it to smear others.

    If it was not so childish, or linked to such serious issues of the dreadful Mugabe regime's activities, it would be laughable.

    Your post is certainly demeaning; more to those who try and use it rather than those it is aimed at.

  4. Anon 18.17 The Telegraph & the Guardian see it as a story.
    Chris you are becoming Laura's presence in hyperspace as she refuses to come clean on issue after issue. Your comments might have some resonance, however when similar comparisons were made by Conservatives such as your colleagues Simon Moores and Ken Gregory you remained silent so to complain now is partisan hypocrisy.

    You should reflect why when many Conservatives have used phrases like ZanuLabour and compared Labour representatives to mass murderers you turned a blind eye and remained silent. Your omission on those occasions shows a lack of consistency on this subject

    The question remains why on so many issues will your candidate refuse to give a position and the post makes this clear.

  5. Perhaps, Mark, it is because I am not anal enough to read all the blogs, all the time. My relatively frequent scanning of yours is more of a taunting hobby, than a political duty, and I am fairly convinced the majority of your (and their) readers are already political anoraks, and rarely read by 'real' people.

    I wonder if that is the real source of your irritation on these subjects - that Laura Sandys simply feels there is no readership here of sufficient import to bother with. Indeed, I cannot recall occasion on which she has commented on many blogs, although some may retread her press releases.

    And, in response to your last sentance - the onlything that comes through your recent posts is a venal dislike of being ignored - perhaps upon reflection that is the best tactic for dealing with you!

  6. Sad you can't discuss the issues and have to resort to personal comments Chris.

  7. The concluding comment from Wells is his usual "final word". It is entirely representative of the right-wing locally, who traditionally resort to suggestions that opponents are anoraks, mentally ill or socially ill-equipped, when they have no arguments of substance to advance. Of course Wells won't ignore you; he desperate need to promote himself and air his "views" means that he will be back...soon.