Monday, 8 March 2010

Firkin good beer

Reading the Campaign for Real Ale's Beer magazine I noticed a letter that brought back a few memories. Simon Nicholls from Deal wrote:

"I started my ale appreciation as a young man in South London and drank frequently in the Fox & Firkin. I have fond memories of Dogbolter and was pleased to see it mentioned. However, I was surprised there was no mention in the Firkin article of the Ramsgate Brewery. Eddie Gadd (blog here) is still brewing Dogbolter (now Faithful Dogbolter). It is still a blindingly good ale."
I fondly recall the Fox and Firkin in Lewisham and also frequented the Goose and Firkin in Borough. Best of all for me was the Phoenix and Firkin which sat on top of Denmark Hill train station, avoiding any need for drinking and driving! I too can recommend Gadds' beers. Although my current favourite bottle of choice would be Harviestoun Brewery's Bitter and Twisted which has a delicious lemony tang.
It seems a good opportunity to mention that the Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival (the biggest yet with over 200 different brews) will be at the Winter Gardens, Margate on 2nd and 3rd April.

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  1. The trouble I go to to fetch fabulous local hops in and craft a delicious pale ale, sold only in Kent - and BTW, Best Kentish Beer TOKA 3 years running - and all you can do is big up a beer from a brewery hundreds of miles away brewed from hops grown thousands of miles because it has a 'lemony tang'.

    You're a lost cause Mark. I give up.

    (And it's GADDS', possessive plural).