Monday, 8 March 2010

Election Battle in Coastal seats

There's an interesting article in today's Independent "The Fight on The Beaches" about "the seaside seats that really count." The Independent looks at Hastings, Weymouth and Blackpool North

This paragraph on Hastings resonated

The trust the locals have set up to save their pier is "non-party political", says Felix Robinson. "But it has to be said that Labour has done a lot for Hastings over the past decade, whereas the Tories have been pretty useless locally."

Maybe a Cameron government would come down and kick the local Tories into shape?

"I'd like to think so," Robinson says, "But I'll believe it when I see it."

In South Thanet there's the High Speed 1 fastest trains in the country, rebuilt schools, masses of new buildings at the QEQM hospital, new doctor's surgeries from the Labour government...and the Conservative record?

Bertie Biggles latest posting shows how ineffective local Conservatives have been.

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  1. The front page of today's daily express really does show the pro tory press in desperation mode. The headline was the government is given prisoners just over £100 million in sickness benefits etc. over the past 3 years, They quoted 80,000 prisoners receiving £2.50 per week, that is £130 a year each, Times 80,000 this by works out at £10,400,000 year . They even got somebody from the Tories to quote on the figures .