Monday, 22 March 2010

Conservative Party Airbrushing Black Candidates

The Conservative Party remains a party which struggles with issues of race. I have highlighted here and here difficulties in Kent

Yesterday's Observer highlighted the Conservative Party in Barking and Dagenham only having white candidates on Council election literature.
Today the excellent Left Foot Forward blog provides the 3 election leaflets here, here and here. They show all 3 black candidates missing from election leaflets, and question with the BNP candidate in Barking being Nick Griffin whether this is a coincidence.

Pictured is the Conservative candidate Simon Jones who has some questions to answer on why only white Conservative candidates appear on election literature with him. Of course he's happy to have the master of airbrushing David Cameron pictured with him. Click here to see David Cameron on white candidate only literature only here.
Michael Ashcroft does not get the recognition on Conservative literature his tax-free money deserves so here's an airbrushed image from MyDavidCameron.

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