Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Blair is Back

Nobody in British politics gives a better speech than Tony Blair and this morning he gave a cracker at Trimdon Labour Club. The full text is on the Guardian's website.
Labour does not talk enough about its record in government nor get the credit it deserves. Here's the passage I liked most...

"Thirteen years of power has seen its share of bad times and good, for the people and for the government. That's for sure.

But just cast our mind back and recall the change for the better. Not just the pledges on the famous pledge card back in 1997, every one met and more.

Remember how people used to wait 18 months queuing on a hospital waiting list. Now it is a maximum wait of 18 weeks from GP to operation. Delivered by a Labour Government.

Thousands fewer deaths from heart disease and cancer. Delivered by a Labour Government.

In 1997 half of all schools got fewer than 30% of their pupils 5 good GCSEs. Today it is only 1 in 12. Delivered by a Labour Government.

And the biggest schools and hospitals re-building programme since the Welfare State began. Delivered by a Labour Government.

New services like Sure Start.

New frontline workers.

Help for families through tax credits and the winter allowance.

Delivered by a Labour Government.

Crime down, having doubled in the 18 years of the last Tory Government, the chances of being a victim lower than at any time since the Crime Survey began.

Delivered by a Labour Government.

Then the changes that we delivered and that would never have happened under the Tories: a minimum wage, flexible working, devolution, a ban on handguns. And how do we know they wouldn't have happened under the Tories? Because in each case they opposed the change.

Then there are the things done which define the spirit of the society we believe in: civil partnerships, the Human Rights Act, the boost for arts and culture and yes even bringing the Olympics to Britain in 2012."


  1. Tony Blair left out record government aid to Thanet. Maybe Mark you can tell us just how much comes to Thanet. Its not just the £8 millions that SEEDA have contributed towards the Turner or the £3 millions towards DreamLand heritage, its all the other grants like the £110,000 per month to get young people into work, £300,000 to the CAB or the recent £300,000 to Margate. Would Thanet get all this under Gideon (George) Osbourne's finances. I doubt if he knows where DreamLand is.

  2. I notice you didn't publish my post on the evils of the treasonous Tony Blair. Well i guess its no different here then to a Labour conference where all the cronies clap ignorant of the suffering outside.

  3. Anon 8.49 your previous comment was questionable with its views on race. If you had given a clear identitiy I would have published it. The difference is Tony and representatives like me operate openly. We don't skulk around offering cowardly abuse.