Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Will Laura Sandys South Thanet Conservative candidate say how much money she has had from Lord Ashcroft and his "front" companies?
Could she/he return some of the £127 million tax he has avoided paying to you and me please?


  1. Why you are on the subject of tory supporters that pay tax in the UK, it was once the case that News International, owners of the Cameron supporting Sun newspaper paid little or no tax in the UK. Mark. do you know any different? If this is the case there is not a lot of difference between both supporters.

  2. What I find odd about this whole business is the constant statements from the likes of William Hague that 'Lord Ashcroft assures us he's complied with the conditions laid down' when he quite clearly hasn't. I think during the 2005 election sums of £50k were talked about as Ashcroft's contribution to Mark McGregor's campaign so can we assume similar sums have gone into Laura Sandys' coffers.

    OK, I know folk will say S.Thanet Labour Party got £25k from CGP(now CGI) but don't forget the S. and N. Thanet Tories were offered similar amounts but wisely refused to accept Ken Wills's money.

    Having said that £50k in 2005 and presumably a similar sum since for Laura Sandys, makes Mr. Wills's donation look like small change.

    How has Laura Sandys used the money? Glossy leaflets with out-of-date information as things she seemed wound-up about had already, without any help from her, become government policy. Things she was agitated about turned out to have become, without her noticing, her own party's policy.

    £50k of Ashcroft's money wasted, perhaps?


  3. Anon 1801 as Gordon brown has proposed we need international tax breaks to stop big companies avoiding tax like Tesco selling CDs and books from the Channel Islands to avoid tax and VAT and putting our local book and record shops out of business.

    Anon 18.10 before anyone else says it yes Labour has received money but they have always declared it and been clear, that's the key difference. Not had a conspiracy of silence from every figure at the top of the party for a decade.

    I like the statement

    Lord Ashcroft - I liked the Conservative Party so much I bought it - will any Tory say he was wrong to make laws whilst avoiding atx for 10 years? i don't think so - they still want his money!

  4. Labour’s non-dom donor Lord Paul personally bankrolled Gordon’s leadership campaign and has promised all the money required to fight an election campaign

  5. John
    Good to have you commenting unfortunately your inaccurate. Lord Paul was one of the contributors to Gordon brown's campaign and the second statement is simply false. Labour would love him to give us millions as Lord ashcroft has done, biut he hasn't. More importantly Lord Paul has always been open about his tax status.
    Surely you are disappointed that Lord Ashcroft has been so secretive and David Cameron, Osborne, Hague and the rest have covered up.
    What about you John do you support the cover up or do you want to let some sunshine in?

  6. It's the attempt to switch the story that I find so incredible. Did William Hague know the truth? Did David Cameron and other Tory grandees know the real story or have they been misled? Switching the story now is unbelievable and I wonder whether we'd ever have got the true picture without an FOI Act request from Gordon Prentice?

    S. Thanet Labour Party took money from Ken Wills who, as far as I know, lives in Broadstairs and has his business interests in Thanet and other parts of England. No-one has ever said he's a tax exile playing fast and loose with our tax laws.

    As Mark says the money was correctly declared and can be accounted for in the constituency accounts. Can S. Thanet Conservatives assure us of the same clarity?

  7. Lord Paul gave £69.5k to the party including £45k to Gordon Brown's campaign. Not exactly in the same league as Ashcroft's £millions, is it?

    Isn't it odd how rather than admit they got it wrong the Tories are trying to move the debate on to Labour and the Lib. Dems. donors. William Hague virtually begging for a peerage for someone who doesn't live here and clearly has no intentions of moving to Britain makes me wonder what promises, financially, had been made.

    The difference between Ashcroft and other non-doms is that he is the one who is Vice-Chair of the party and, as such, has great influence over the Conservative Party. A crucial difference between them and the other main parties.

    Cllr. Worrow, your party has a candidate, Zac Goldsmith, who is a non-dom so clearly he and the former Couuncillor Broadhurst have much in common although I suspect Zac has rather more assets than the former councillor.

  8. Central to this debate is the fact that Ashcroft had been turned down in his quest to become a lord. But when and only when, on the 23rd March 2000 did Mr Ashcroft delivered a signed and witnessed statement to Mr Hague giving his “solemn and binding” undertaking to take up permanent residence in the UK did the lordship follow. An undertaking that we now know he had no intention of keeping. I take it that the tory leadership will have that document in it's safe keeping - a good insurance policy for them for the future for a bit of arm twisting!

  9. Hague now trying to distance himself from Ashcroft by saying he'd been misled. By the man who is vice-chair of the Tory Party, no less.

    Doesn't say much for the close relationship Cameron and Hague seemed to have with the non-dom peer.