Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sandy No Mates

There was a letter in the Daily Telegraph (scroll down the link to see the letter) yesterday claiming:

"Conservative authorities have been committed, as always, to efficient and low-cost public services."

and it was signed by 35 Conservative Council leaders. Wisely there was no mention of Thanet Leader Cllr. Sandy Ezekiel joining the list of signatories, as nobody can claim Thanet District Council is either efficient or low-cost.

It is to these Conservatives credit that they confirm what local people know.


  1. He's not a Tory he is of his own party Mark - the Ezekiel party no other tories want to be associated with him, including many in Thanet !

  2. Perhaps what local people also know is that any vote for the Labour Party, in whatever disguise it chooses to adopt for this election - there's been a few in recent elections - is a vote for higher taxes and higher spending. That is the one great certainty of politics: Labour = higher taxes.

  3. and what is "call me" Dave Cameron and Gideon Osborne going to do? stick the budget on the 2.30 at Kempton?

    I'd say the biggest barrier to Laura Sandys getting voted in is the shower in charge of Thanet Council. Roger Gale's biggest problem is his wife.

  4. Anon 21.20 Cllr Ezekiel remains widely regarded and admired amongst Thanet Conservatives, cllrs Moores, Wise, Latchford, both Tomlinsons, Taylor, Wiltshire, to start and I could go on...

    Chris yes and voting Conservative means for ordinary people more cuts in schools, surestart, and of particular interest to us local government, less public toilets, less flower beds, more property sold off...
    that's the choice at the general election, why do you think Conservative central Office chose not to use Thanet as an example?

    Steve we had an all day Scrutiny meeting at the council today and nobody Labour, Conservative nor officer knew what the Conservatives are proposing on local government in their manifesto.

  5. Perhaps the issue was/is not as clear cut as it should be - there seems to be a real lack of coordination with the timing needed for decisions to make this happen, and the availability of real information on its benefits.

    On the other hand, there is no doubt about the issue of higher taxes for Ramsgate, where the Town Council has just abandoned Albion House, the iconic building on which they built their demand for Town Council status, and fled to the Customs House, which will cost much more money. And who led the charge? Why the Labour Party and the Independents, opposed by the Conservatives and an isolated but brave Steve Ward.

    You dont need to look to the Daily Telegraph for evidence of waste, just look to Ramsgate Labour!

  6. An entertaining diversion Chris but it would be easy to respond with Margate's Turner centre. The real question is why Thanet Council is not seen as worthy by Conservative Central Office, I think the reasons are transparent but as colleague of Cllr. Ezekiel perhaps you could explain why he was snubbed?