Tuesday, 23 February 2010

How an Elected Mayor can lead to crises

I have written before that I am agnostic about whether an elected mayor would be better for local government in Thanet. I am tending more and more against this idea. There are good examples, where it has worked well. The more I see and read about Doncaster though, the more I think it can lead to problems. After the well documented child abuse cases in Doncaster, now there is gridlock on the budget.

Those who advocated this system in Thanet have been quiet about this subject of late. I think reading here will give them interesting food for thought.


  1. Mark the key question here is asked in a mayoral referendum, do you the people who bothered to vote – vote to chose your own leader – or do you want someone else to decide for you?

    It has been suggested that you predicted a Labour defeat, but let that pass, don’t you think Steve Ladyman would make a good elected mayor of Thanet, if this happens?

  2. I agree with your first part Michael, part of the problem is we get below 50% of the population voting in local elections.

    I think Labour will win, it's just Simon Moores lying again. I think Steve would make a great cabinet minister.

    Unlike Simon I am not arrogant and think TDC should prepare for 3 possibilities Labour winning, hung Parliament and Tories winning. At present TDC's assumption is Labour will win. Whilst personally I think that is great, I think as a cllr representing ALL my constituents it is not prudent.