Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Upholding Standards

Pictured is Medway Conservative Cllr. Nick Brice who was recently cautioned by the police for propositioning a prostitute. Now imagine if he was a Thanet Conservative councillor, what would happen? I think we would be told for months that he was investigating deprivation, researching regeneration or attending to casework. He was, after all, in his own ward.
All credit to the Medway Conservative Council Leader Rodney Chambers who immediately said when the matter came to his attention:
"The Conservative group on Medway council believes elected members should uphold the highest standards in public office and public life.
A serious matter has arisen concerning Cllr Nick Brice’s private conduct outside of the council and as a consequence of this, the Conservative Group has taken the decision to expel Cllr Brice from membership of the group with immediate effect.”
Here in Thanet what a shame it is that none of the current Conservative Council leadership could make a statement like this, and nor can the Parliamentary candidates in Thanet North and Thanet South, Roger Gale and Laura Sandys.


  1. Mark, even by your usual standards this plumbs the depths of political bad taste; attempting to fabricate a vague link between the behaviour of a councillor in Medway with members of the Conservative group in Thanet! Perhaps I should in turn be researching the equally unfortunate records of stalwart Labour councillors elsewhere in the country and drawing an equally tenuous connection. Next you'll be linking people because they happen to share the same letters in their names or similar dates of birth.

  2. Simon simple question can you say what Rodney Chambers said in my post? No you can't and that is the point, nor can Sandy, Roger, nor Laura. You accept a councillor living for over 2 years thousands of miles away from Thanet, turn a blind eye to racism instead of seeking to investigate it, allow abusive behaviour repeatedly and defend it. You support false standards complaints wasting thousands of pounds and can only look at things through a loyalty to your colleagues or is it your political career? My post praises a Conservative in case you had not noticed.

    You miss the point as ever Simon. The vast majority of politicians of all parties do not tolerate the standards that Thanet Conservatives do. You defend those low standards and accept them.

    Please publicise the actions in Thanet Conservative Group you have taken to initiate action against any of your Conservative councillors when they failed to uphold the highest standards in public office and public life as Conservative Rodney Chambers said.

    We both know there will be a nil return because you readily accept your colleagues behaviour and conduct.

    You will search in vain to find a Council anywhere in the country where the Labour Leader and Deputy Leader have the Standards record Sandy Ezekiel and Roger Latchford have but you give them your unconditional support.

    Stop defending them and get some morals Simon! A backbone would help too, but then you would have to resign your cabinet position and people can judge what your motivations are, and they certainly are not to uphold the highest standards.

  3. Have to agree with your position here, Mark. When will Conservatives in Thanet realise that they are losing the support they will have to call on in 2011, by continuing to maintain a discredited Leader and Deputy in position. Dane Valley should have been a wake up call, but has it been heard?

  4. Mark, don't ever question my integrity!

    Meanwhile.. here's one of many stories from the last twelve months to entertain you!

    Four more Labour councillors in Stoke-on-Trent have been pulled in for questioning by police as part of an ongoing corruption scandal in that city.

    The move follows the arrest of Labour elected Mayor Mark Meredith on March 6 on suspicion of misconduct in public office and complicity in corruption in public office.

  5. Dr M, if you are highlighting corruption and complicity in public office you have no further to look than Thanets planning committee.

  6. Dr Moores, maybe Mark should not doubt your integrity but the intergrity of the council as a whole is another matter. There have been plenty of examples recently of planning issues that fly in the public's face and TDC seem to behave in a secret manner not seen at councils elsewhere.

    The only thing Mark can accuse you of is poor judgement in getting involved in petty squabbles on his and other blogs in Thanet.
    Giving tit-for-tat examples of shady local councillors is an easy game to play.
    For a councillor that wants to be taken seriously you seem to trip yourself up when keeping quite is the right thing to do but putting yourself in print does give your opponents plenty to chooses from when the election comes.

  7. I agree with anon 13:29 on this; I certainly don't doubt Simon's integrity, just a few other people's...

    Incidentally several people recently seem to have assumed that I'm a Tory supporter (maybe because I'm friends with a couple of local prominent Tories) but the truth is that no party gets my complete support.

  8. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which party is the mp a member of who has been stripped of his retirement, relocation, prize for leaving parliament? Is that not more of a crime than paying for sex?

  9. The point is Harry Cohen has been punished and is paying a far greater penalty than Nick Brice. Oh, yes, how many Tories and Labour MPs are stepping down at the election following the expenses scandal? A considerable number from the main parties have realised they've lost credibility due to their excessive claims and decided on alternative careers.

    Bringing in examples from elsewhere is merely trying to muddy the waters. Mark's point was Medway Tories acted immediately but Thanet Tories do nothing until pushed and pushed. Neither Laura Sandys nor Roger Gale ever says anything about the conduct of their party colleagues. Why? Frightened they'll be de-selected in Gale's case or not assisted in the campaign by the local party in Sandys' case?

  10. Thanks Anon 18.47 although I think the Labour Party should take strong action against harry Cohen possibly even expulsion as he has clearly brought the party into disrepute as I found on doorsteps this morning
    Anon 17.41 is probably a Thanet Tory trying to change the subject


    What is going on with the Tories in Kent ?