Sunday, 31 January 2010

Style over Substance

Just watching the BBC Politics show South East region part with Paul Siegert (pictured) interviewing local politicians on the cliffs above the port of Dover. It is 3 degrees outsidewith a fresh breeze coming off the sea. Labour MP Gwyn Prosser, sensible coat. Labour MP Steve Ladyman, sensible coat. Interviewer Paul Siegert sensible coat.
Conservative candidate for Dover and Deal Charlie Elphicke comes along, and there is no coat, just a suit and he is tieless, with his top shirt button undone. All style and no substance, as he then goes on to say that Britain is bankrupt, even Thanet Conservative councillors never try to parrot such a big lie! He should have spent more time preparing for the interview rather than concentrating about what clothes to wear.
Perhaps Charlie Elphicke relies on his own ludicrously lying hot air to keep warm.


  1. Get yourself a good coat and you could become Prime Minister! Just what happened to Joseph with his multi coloured coat in Egypt all those years ago. But not so long ago not for duffle coat wearing Michael Foot.

  2. Style over substance, not bad for my favourite tax payer funded labour politician.

    Britain is bankrupt, possibly not true, but printing money is about as bad as it can get.

    Labour, yourself included, seem to be in some severe denial, and clearly don't give a toss what state you leave the country in May or whenever on the wild chance that an exaggerated but hollow new policy (daily announcements) or failure to address the continuing banking crisis will result in re election for Gordon Browm