Sunday, 10 January 2010

Happy Birthday Labour List

Today is the first birthday of Labour List, many congratulations. I declare an interest as an early contributor and occasional commenter. The worst thing to happen to Labour List was the best thing. All the publicity about Derek Draper's appalling involvement with Damian McBride was the making of Labour List.
Nothing became Labour List like Derek Draper's leaving. He had brought a lot of baggage which meant that many right wing bloggers took a very personal approach to attacking him and therefore Labour List. I think Labour List allows too many comments from people who aim to be solely destructive of threads, or to sidetrack posts. Tom Harris has written lucidly about how bloggers should respond to this.
Freedom of speech of course, but Labour List should be a place for debate and too often still this is denied by Libertarians or Conservatives, sad that they cannot get a life. However, I know it means I am not the only person who refrains from joining debate as much as I would otherwise. Here's a typical example where comments are just sneers. If you want to express your own views, set up your own blog or website.
Pictured is Alex Smith the man who now heads Labour List and takes the credit for its outstanding success attracting hundreds of contributors and tens of thousands of readers. It is now the place where Labour debates immediately how to go forward as last week on the Hoon/Hewitt proposal for a ballot on Gordon Brown as leader of the Labour Party.
If you haven't visited do, I recommend it.

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