Friday, 4 December 2009

Sandra wins big for Labour as Tories slump to third

I predicted Sandra Hart would win in Dane Valley but I never expected almost half the Conservative vote would disappear leaving them slumped in third place. Labour's swing was 8.5% since 2007 but set against current national trends in the polls the swing is 13.5%.

Labour's win is all the more impressive because residents were forced to battle some of the worst weather of the year to get out and vote.

Sandra Hart said

"I'd like to thank everyone who made the effort to vote, especially those who turned out on such an extremely cold, wet and windy December day.

After the events of the past two years the residents of Dane Valley ward now deserve strong representation at TDC and I will certainly do my very best for them. I am fortunate to join a large group of Labour councillors with enormous experience and I know that as a team they will support all my efforts".

Star man Clive Hart the Labour Group Leader and Campaign Organiser said

"My wife Sandy was a first class candidate and I know she'll make an excellent councillor.

This election was my first real test as the Leader of Thanet Labour Group and I was very proud of the way our members campaigned. We fought a very clean fight with no mud-slinging whatsoever on our part and the residents of Dane Valley ward responded positively. I thank them sincerely for their support".

The repeated issues of poor conduct by Thanet Conservative Councillors, and the tolerance for misconduct within Thanet Conservative group were regularlry raised on the doorstep. Many former Conservatives were clear that they could not vote for their party in such circumstances.

Bill Furness' second place was an excellent result from no candidate last time.

The result

Labour 34% previously 37% 318

Liberal Democrat 28% from nowhere 260

Conservative 24% falling from 44% 222

Independent 14% previously stood as Grey Party 19% 130

Regrettably turnout was a very disappointing 17%.

For more on Sandra and her campaign click here, here and here.

For background on the previous Conservative spending most oif his time in Panama click here, here and here.

For Thanet Conservative misconduct read this or any of the non-Conservative local blogs.


  1. well done, perhaps the message might hit home to the tories that treating the electorate as 2nd best doesnt pay!

  2. Mark I can’t follow your figures here, mine for the 2007 local elections are Con 50% Lab 43% and Grey 7% see

    For yesterdays by-election I have Lab 34% Lib 28% Con 24% and Ind 14%.
    So while this was a disastrous result for the Conservatives it wasn’t so good for Labour either, in as much as they got proportionately less of the vote than they did in 2007.

  3. May I congratulate Mrs Hart and her husband for their win? but also flag up a concern over the turnout. To my mind this tells us that District and County Councils and also political parties need to engage with the electorate or we will loose local councils and gain regional government.

  4. Michael I've worked by party whereas you have worked by individual which explains our difference so in 2007

    Con 639 + 629 + 615/3 = 627 average 44%

    Lab 558 + 554 + 482/3 = 531 average 37%

    Grey/Ind 269 19% no need to average

    I've worked from a total of 1427
    otherwise the Independents vote percentage is understated as they only had 1 candidate to vote for not three.

    The best result in 2009 is the Lib Dems and whilst Lab lost a small percentage set against a 5% swing to the Tories in national opinion polls since 2009 this is a good result for Labour. I suspect many Tories who could not bring themselves to vote for the party locally voted Lib Dem in protest.

    Ken very gracious of you, I agree with your concerns, this is a bad time for the reputation of politicians nationally and locally and it will take a long time to rebuild. I'm disappointed with the Labour governments proposals on expenses which I think are still seriously flawed.

  5. I see the Tory candidate was blaming the weather for the collapse of her vote. It was the same for everyone and judging by the numbers of Tories out and about surely they had enough cars available to get their vote to the polling stations. The Lib. Dems. from Herne Bay were on hand to help their voters. Can't comment on the number of Labour volunteers but I'm sure they had assistants on hand for anyone needing a run to the polling booth.

  6. Oh dear Labour congratulating themselves.I am an ex council officer in Thanet and kent County Council.Hart and Hart DONT GIVE A DAMN about Margat.Cliftonville and its residents its all about getting at Cllr Eziekel......grow up labour you are finished and as a scot too i am shamed to say Brown is the biggest disgrace we have ever had following an even bigger one in Blair...nothing will change in Thanet with labour councillors its all about beating the tories nothing else as you all know your days are well numbered in Politics lets watch next all you labour followers what could be more damning than a glaswegian working class scot condemming the party of the poor....they have given up on the porr years ago when they called themsleves new good luck the tories Labour deserve to be eradicated from Tahent and kent and hopefully the rest of england and Scotland if the SNP prosper again...........Cheers Robert Munro in Ramsgate

  7. Robert you can't have much to with Margate and Cliftonville to have such uninformed views which brings into question the rest of your comments.

  8. What an interesting response Mark. Why uninformed? There is much there that rings true with many who are dismayed by the path of this socialist administration. There is a greater sense of tribalism within local labour, my party right or wrong, than you will find in the conservatives. Indeed you are constantly trying to exploit the more open approaches, and encourage splits and division - which is then shown to diminish the party concerned. Your inability to respond in a true debating manner, and refute factually what is said reveals far more of your (labour) discomfort than anything else you could have said.

    In particular local labour is adopting the politics of personality to promote candidates, and personal attack to diminish their opponents. It may be a temporary substitute for policy, but cannot be sustained in the long term.
    That said, you earned your victory in Dane Valley and should enjoy it. We will all see soon enough if its a blip or a trend. I know where my money is, because there are too many like Robert Munro above who are simply sick of the hypocrisy of new labour.