Saturday, 5 December 2009

Ramsgate joins National Tree Planting Record attempt

Ramsgate residents played their part in the National Tree Planting Record attempt (Tree O'Clock), planting 25 trees in the hedges of the Rose Garden on the Westcliff, next to the boating pool. The trees are mostly acer and thorn and will fill in the gaps in the hedge. At present there are several gaps, particularly on the seaward side. The plan is to fill them in so that the Rose Garden is less exposed and a better place for relaxation and contemplation, also to keep out unleashed dogs.
The group planting the trees are the ‘Westcliff Conservation Community Group’. The trees were supplied by the Kent ‘Free Trees Scheme’. This is an excellent scheme from Kent County Council and credit to Network Rail for sponsoring it.

I spoke to Pegwell and Cliffsend councillor John Kirby who has helped fund replacement roses in the garden with money from the allocation each Thanet District Councillor receives. John is an active councillor and we both share concerns about the future of Albion House. Others present were Dr. David and Sarah Neden, George and Wendy Arnheim, Robin and Pat Hills, Shirley Harris, Julie Ferguson, Vera Taylor, Valerie Sturgeon, John and Terry.
It is great to see local people nurturing their environment and working with Thanet District Council and Kent County Council on a project which will be part of the green tourism regular readers know I am an advocate of. For more on local green tourism issues click here, here, here, here, and here.


  1. Great News and well done all, every tree, bush or hedge is a legacy for the future historic landscape of our towns.

  2. Saw a group on Acol Hill yesterday and stopped to chat with them. Trees for Thanet apparrently and were planting a line of Alders on Acol Hill opposite a shelter belt they had planted 2 years ago. They seemed amused by the fuss of Tree Planting Records as they have planted over 30,000 trees and hedgerow plants)around Thanet in the past 13 years.

  3. Just to comment that I balanced the equation by disposing of three weed trees (sycamores) which will make a welcome addition to my winter fuel log pile!!

  4. Anon 6.47 Trees for Thanet have done much excellent work. Whilst the record may be seen as possibly a gimmick anything that draws attention must be a good thing.