Thursday, 31 December 2009

Celebrate with Slim Harpo

I have disovered courtesy of Spotify and its ability to suggest music you might like a new passion. James Moore also known as Slim Harpo. Many of his songs have been covered, I never knew where the Fabulous Thunderbirds had taken their top track Baby Scratch My Back from. This perhaps is his best known song - I'm a King Bee - although you may know it via the early Rolling Stones or the majestic Muddy Waters. Here's the original and best, a song to Shake Your Hips to, as another of Slim's songs goes.

I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year and to thank everybody who has read, commented and sent me ideas and information through the last year.

I hope you're able to buzz into the New Year...


  1. My fave Slim Harpo song is probably 'Got Love If You Want It', also covered by both The Yardbirds & The Kinks. Other notable Slim Harpo songs covered by 60s British groups include 'Raining In My Heart' (The Pretty Things) & 'Don't Start Crying Now' (Them).