Friday, 20 November 2009

There is Still Room for Racism in the Conservative Party

From the other end of Kent, to this End of Kent comes news of the latest Conservative councillor to be found expressing racist views. Read all about it here. The Conservative Party are keen to downplay this incident, suspending Bromley Cllr. Peter Hobbins and saying :
"There is no room for racism in the Conservative Party.”
If only this were true. If the Conservative Party wants to be taken seriously on racism it cannot continue its current “Year Zero” approach where every incident is quickly depicted as isolated and fenced off.
here's a list of Conservative councillors with links to their racist incidents

and a little bit of "controversy" on race issues is no barrier to rising in the Conservative Party

Let’s be clear there are more racist political activists in the Conservative Party than the BNP. This is what they get caught saying in public, what they say in private is often worse. I’m not saying all Conservatives are racist but a sizable minority are. When I was a councillor in Lewisham Conservatives like Barrie Anderson and David Britton did not just talk the talk on racism, but they walked the walk, with a proud record ahead of most of their contemporaries.

In my experience they remain the minority in the Conservative Party. The racists in the Conservative Party are also the minority. The problem is the overwhelming majority of Conservatives are prepared to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to racism. To hope it goes away, but in reality to tolerate it, and to elect to senior positions people who privately act and think in unacceptable ways.

Cllr. Hobbins may be at the other end of Kent, but the Conservative Party remains a place where racism is unchallenged and tolerated.

There is still plenty of space for racism in the Conservative Party.


  1. A few points. It is Peter HOBBINS.
    Paul Sample is not the Tory racist. Paul is a good bloke and was the Lib Dem who complained about the racist Tory, David Luther.

    But I agree with your sentiments!

  2. Having spent 21 years in the Fire Service, and 15 years as a union official, 24 years as a menber of the Labour Party, and now 5 years as a member of the Conservative Party, I can comment on this thread with some knowledge. I can assure you that racism is as commen in the Labour party as the tory party, albeit a minority of members. Within the trade union movement, amongst the 'grass roots' membership racism is 'institutional'.

  3. So there you have it councillor. Your sordid attempt to smear local tories for political gain is exposed. Your party is as guilty as the rest. From the horses mouth. Tou are a disgrace.

  4. The problem with the constant sound of "Racism" is that it causes us to look at who we are instead of where we are.

    A man spits on a Jew at a petrol filling station. The Jew says "He is a racist"

    The man spits on a gay person round the corner and the gay says "He is homophobic"

    What are they doing ? Guess what I don't care what the man thinks only what he does. he would be breacjing the Queens Peace in our constitutional monarchy. If he spits on someone in my presence it is the same as he spits on me. The loyal subject acts to preserve the peace. And having done his duty he does not need to know what particular label the victim claims for themself.

    Jew, Gay, Black etc etc

    I don't care who you are. I don't even want you to tell me how you label yourself.

    If someone offends against you I don't want to know what goes on in his head. I only have a duty in our country to preserve peace. So behaviour is not about who a person is or how someone else think they think. It is that here in this land we have a right to enjoy peace.

    And hearing the constant litany of jargon of the unlawful multicultural experiment only serves the experiment's true agenda to undermine the balance of power in the constitutional monarchy and shift it to parliament whilst converting us from masters of the parliament to servants of it.

    Ms Chakrabarti and her ilk are afforde3d far too much airtime to preach at the level of their immature mentalities.

  5. Racism, if that means a belief that some ethnic groups are inferior to others, is uncommon in my experience. A dislike of groups, be they ethnic or religious,other than ones own is very common, and Mr Gregory's comment's are valid if that is what he refers to. The same sort of prejudice is also evident between political. rivals.

    We all have our prejudices and it is a case of 'mine are acceptable but yours are not'.

  6. Duncan thank you for your helpful points (I've amended) and bringing this into the public domain.

    Ken your loyalty to Thanet Council Conservative Group is remarkable but it does mean you have to say things that are untrue. I don't doubt there are a few racists in the Labour Party. However, you cannot compile the list I have in my post of serial racist Conservative comments by Labour representatives.

    Here's a challenge to you, go and do some research and try and post on your blog a list of incidents involving racist Labour comments as I have. We both know you will be unable to do this.

    Regrettably this brings you into the large mass of Conservative members who are prepared to tolerate racism. What have you done to hold Roger Latchford to account for his disgraceful actions? He has acknowledged himself that his conduct was unacceptable, why was it covered up?

    On trade unions your views show that you are out of touch and they are offensive.

    Anon 18.23 as I repeatedly say if you are defending Thanet Conservative Group it is undertsandable that you remain anonymous. I'm happy to be held to account for my actions and views, why does Roger Latchford think he is not bound by the same rules as others? He has a serial record of failing to comply with normal standards of decent and courteous behaviour. As the Standards Committee have found he has been prepared to tell untruths to avoid being held to account. His low standards have cost the Council thousands of pounds of unnecessary expenditure and damage attempts to have normal working relationships.

    I am seeking that candidates like Ingrid Spencer explain why they do not campaign against and expose racist behaviour. She should be questioned on her record, why do you seek to avoid this?

  7. Mr Nottingham, you have no idea how ludicrous your accusation of me as a defender of the Tories is. I shall not express my opinion of Roger Latchford, nor of his chum Ezekiel, many have already expressed it in other forums, in much more diplomatic language than I would use. My earlier comment was no more than a statement of fact based upon my own experiences and observations of humanity, however unpalatable you may find it.

    Anon 18:23

  8. Anon 10.21 18.23 who knows if you are even the same anon? I suggest you use a nickname at the very least, better still come out and say who you are to demonstrate the integrity of your views.
    As I pointed out to Ken Gregory there's only UK political party with a long list of embarassing racists comments by representatives and that's the Conservatives. That should be exposed not covered up as you suggest.