Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Conservatives Clueless on Economy

Continuing a financial theme this headline article "Tory plans for austerity cuts could be a disaster warns survey" caught my eye in the Daily Telegraph's Business Section:
Erik Britton, a director of Fathom Financial Consulting said: "While we agree that the UK's fiscal position is dreadful, Opposition plans to begin fiscal tightening next year could spell disaster. We are calling for an overhaul of the Bank of England's Quantative Easing programme to make it start delivering for the real economy: for all firms, not just the biggest; and to provide a cushion for cash-strapped households."

The consultancy said that the Government should hold off from raising taxes or cutting spending until 2012.
Or to summarise George Osborne hasn't got a clue what to do.
You can read the whole article here.


  1. They may have some well known economists working for them but does the Fathom Financial Consulting have a proven track record on running a national economy?
    Until then what is their opinion worth?

    The Telegrapgh's article also says that we will probably be in recession for all of next year, not what the PM and Chancellor have been saying.

  2. The point is that no Nobel Prize winning economist endorses the Conservative Party's views. They are based on dogma not what the rest of the world is doing or the best for Britain.