Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Cat Got Your Tongue?

A regular reader has sent me this picture which is to be found in the window of the Labour Party's office in Northdown Road, Cliftonville. An old poster which marks a significant achievement of the Labour government. The Conservatives have pledged to bring back animal cruelty, by repealing the legislation banning fox hunting, despite massive public support for the ban.

It looks like Mayor and Dane Valley Councillor Ted Watt-Ruffell may be keeping to the

"Conservative Party's 18 years of government when animal cruelty came bottom of the Tory list"

in view of his recent appearances in the local papers and courts.

When asked about this, Ted said the cat had got his tongue and he was unavailable for comment.


  1. Hunting with dogs is just unnecessary cruelty to animals in the name of sport. The Tories need to speak to those who have opposed the hunt and they will hear stories of people who have been ostrasized, bullied, intimidated, threatened, and assaulted for standing up to the hunts. These incidents only strengthen the argument that those capable of cruelty to animals are equally capable of cruelty to human beings.

    If this is the type of behaviour the Tories support, I think they will alienate many in their party.

  2. I have an FOI request to TDC and a request to Mr Watt Ruffell to tell me how he voted when Margate Charter Trustees (97/98) voted to end public funding of the pseudo cadet group Kent Adventure Training Corps.

    I want to know why cllrs, who were charter trustees, voted on this. And which cllrs may have been privy to the reason via elected office.

    I know that it was August 1997 that Sir John Grugeon Chair of Kent POlice Authority called on his Chief constable for inquiry and report touching on adult leaders of the cadet group.

    I now am informed that it was subsequent or consequent to Sir John's call for inquiry that Margate Charter Trustees took a vote to end public funding of the pseudo cadet group.

    My information, which may be right or wrong, is that Mr Watt Ruffell voted to keep funding the pseudo cadets but was out voted.

    In 1998 former adult leader of KATC and tory TDC cllr George Maison was successfully sued for libel by Ex tory Cllr Maragret Mortlock.

    Did tory cllr William Hayton give evidence "For" Maison that there was no process of inquiry touching on Maison ?

    When this matter was later raised as a matter for TDC Standards the issue is also that cllrs who were Margate Charter Trustees in 97/98 would later have been in a privileged position to know whether or not Mr HAYTON had perjured to the High Court.

    And that casts a new aspect to the Standards Cttee meeting whilst Cllr Neville HUDSON witheheld the evidence file re 6th Thanet Gun Range etc. And it casts a new aspect to the vote by full council to endorse the flawed standards cttee meeting nil action decision.

    For years now Mr Hayton tory cllr (no longer on Kent Police Authority as of recent events I have to wonder ?) has elected silence and has avoided giving any explanation to the public who he yet expects to vote for him.

    My FOI response from KCC is that they withdrew Kent Adventure Training Corps youth group affiliation status in 2003 under no other correspondence but mine.

    So what are we saying Thanet Police and TDC ? That the youth group affiliation officer inquiries with Thanet Police and Thanet council revealed nothing to the official until some two years later I wrote to the KCC officer ?

    I appreciate that Mr Watt Ruffell is busy but I wonder if he is electing not to answer for fear of letting another cat out of the bag ?

  3. Richard I have often blogged that you are being a pain; but in this case; you are right and proper to continue.

    Watt Ruffell has much to cover up, and much to thank his old party for covering up ( The reason he jumped ship to Tories!)

    I'm sure that Iris could tell everyone some very interesting stories regarding the Westgate Residents Association and a certain Ted Ruffell!

  4. Annon,

    Be real, once the Labour Party realised that one of their councillors was iffy the councillor would be dropped like a stone and there was no way the councillor would ever stand again for the Labour Party. The strange thing is that this was not secret information and the Conservatives knew the reason why , yet they would still admit a ex Councillor rejected by the Labour Party into their ranks. Strange

  5. If you get the current issue (27 Nov to 16 Dec) of Private Eve (issue 1250 with the EU commissioners on the front), and turn to Rotten Boroughs on page 13, you'll see an interesting report about not just the kitten that the mayor killed, but also the fact that he was keeping a low profile working as security guard at Dreamland during Margaret Hodge's recent visit!!