Monday, 9 November 2009

Albion House to be sold off Ramsgate Town Council to be homeless

The Asset Management Working Party agenda reports:

An acceptable offer to purchase the property has been received and the matter is in Lawyers’ hands.

This is not what I understood to be Council policy concerning this building. My understanding was that Ramsgate Town Council would retain freehold, at least of the ground floor and basement for public use in Ramsgate. Where is the Town Council supposed to go?

Ramsgate Mayor Dave Green and Thanet Councillor has been negotiating on behalf of the Town Council, on the above basis for the Town Council to lease this space. I understand from him that Thanet District Council have not advised Ramsgate Town Council of this development. He has clarified with the relevant officers who confirm that sale is proceeding of the total freehold.

I do not believe a private owner of Albion House will gain or will want to retain public use of the building. They will want to maximise their returns whether that means flats or commercial premises. The Conservative Council are being consistent in vandalising our heritage by seeking to sell off this part of Ramsgate history. Museums, public toilets, town halls everything is for sale. Nothing is valued.

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  1. It is going to be interesting to see where the loyalties of the Conservatives on the town council will be. Will they represent the views of the people of the Ramsgate or tow the party line.