Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Why do these Newspapers endorse the Conservative Party?

Once in a while you read a stupendous blogpost. Something that captures the format and makes the point sharply. A post that could not be in a newspaper, nor on another medium to the same effect. You start by showing that a newspaper claims that "The BBC put Muslims before You" Who are you? Christians? Hindus? Athiests? Jews? In the mad world that is the Daily Star mindset all of these are more important.

You then as the middle photo shows fake outrage that the BBC get it wrong when featuring the BNP's Nick Griffin on Question Time. Add a dash of total and utter paranoia. Have you noticed that everybody in your workplace, every newly elected MP, every X factor winner, they're all migrants aren't they? So who are you going to go to when you are being incited to hold political views like these, not based on facts but just fear and prejudice?
Well the answer is not the BNP, it is the Conservative Party.
Do click here and see this magisterial post by Anton Vowl on The Enemies of Reason dissecting the Daily Express and the Daily Mail as well. My comment, all this fomenting misinformation is by newspapers who next year will advise people to vote Conservative to fulfil their prejudices.


  1. Worried regular reader27 October 2009 at 21:41

    Crikey, I began to worry you'd actually bought these papers until I clicked on the link.

    Phew, it was ok, you'd taken them from another site.

  2. Racism begins with our families, parents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents, people we admire, respect and love.

    However, as we grow and mature we come to the realization that what we were told by our family when we were children were slanted lies base on their prejudices. We realize that most people are like ourselves and not so different and want the same things, like a home, steady work, a Medicare plan and schools for our children (if you travel you will see this). We realize that most people are of good hearts and goodwill.

    This reminds me of a parable from the good book where a Levite and Priest come upon a man who fell among thieves and they both individually passed by and didn’t stop to help him.

    Finally a man of another race came by, he got down from his beast, decided not to be compassionate by proxy and got down with the injured man, administered first aid, and helped the man in need.

    Jesus ended up saying, this was the good man, this was the great man, because he had the capacity to project the “I” into the “thou,” and to be concerned about his fellow man.

    You see, the Levite and the Priest were afraid, they asked themselves, “If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?”

    But then the Good Samaritan came by. And he reversed the question: “If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?”

    That’s the question before us. The question is not, “If I stop to help our fellow man (immigrant) in need, what will happen to me?” The question is, “If I do not stop to help our fellow man, what will happen to him or her?” That’s the question.

    This current climate of blaming others for our woes is not new. We have had this before and we have conquered it.

    Remember “Evil flourishes when good men (and women) do nothing”. Raise your voices with those of us who believe we are equal and we can win this battle again.

  3. Did you see the youtube link its funny but truthfull title is MOCK THE WEEK RUSSELL'S MEDIA RANT . I agree with the last comment if we all keep quiet this wont go away but who is the in need of help? We keep the newspapers in place by buying them , we put Griffin in place by voting for him and we already have a parliment full of elected representatives. So what do we do? Life is not as straight forward as the headlines or as politicly correct as the goverment would have us believe, I agree with the previous closing comment but will people get off their backsides and vote NO. 70 percent dont vote but they are the ones who shout loudest and believe the headines.