Thursday, 15 October 2009

Super Sandy Sorts It Out, Simon does it Slowly

Tony Flaig recently asked the
question, "What have the Tories done for us?" As a resident of Dane Valley he answered his own question as "jack". He highlighted the fire damaged site in Millmead Road with photos on his post, and complained that the three Conservative councillors had done nothing to sort matters out.
In comments on the post Cllr. Simon Moores said:
"Quite the opposite of 'Jack' Tony and rather more than you think.Clearing a privately-owned site doesn't happen with a magic wand as much as you or I would like it to. It's a frequently lengthy and convoluted process as this is not public property.
I have the same problem in Westgate with the remains of the bungalow in Ethelbert Sq. A final notice has been served on the owners of the site after 18 months of orders being ignored!"
An accurate well informed opinion, indeed possibly an "expert" one?
18 months might be how long it takes a Conservative to get round to taking action, but Labour's candidate in Dane Valley Sandra Hart took just over 18 days.
The top photo shows her taking details on 23rd September and the photo below is earlier today showing the clean up of the site starting. 22 days not 548 days. That's 24 times slower!
It is a mystery as to what "rather more than you might think" really means.


  1. You know very well what I mean. Mark and once again, you twist or misreport a statement to suit your own agenda.

    If the site owner cooperates, then that's fine but if the the same site has been sold on several times since the demolition process, there's a statutory path that must be followed to enforce clearance. It has absolutely nothing to do with politics, Conservative Labour or Loony party!

  2. Simon you're mistakenly judging me by your own low standards. I have not juxtaposed an unpleasant image as you frequently do. I have not quoted you out of contect, as you regularly do to others. I have provided a link for anybody to see exactly what you wrote, a courtesy you rarely afford those you criticise. No twisting, no misreporting just quoting fully what you said. I think what you mean, is that you do not always mean what you say, and I accept that this is often the case. It is hard to tell when you are choosing to be accurate, I acknowledge that.

    You are wrong, it has everything to do with politics. You are defending your 3 fellow Conservative councillors for failing to attend to their constituents needs. You said "rather more than you might think". Some evidence please, or stop protesting too much, and come out and condemn unequivocally your fellow Conservative councillor Broadhurst for claiming thousands of pounds whilst living in Panama.

  3. I have been involved with issues that have had no support from my Tory councillors and have found it easier just to by-pass them and go straight to TDC officers. By doing so I've had roads swept, rubbish cleared, potholes filled in etc.

    Like many I've found that too many councillors don't care about their ward and just see their position as being an easy way to make £4500 a year. I think Cllr. Broadhurst's actions are a disgrace, an insult to those who elected him and a case of two fingers up to all in authority.

    Dr. Moores, as usual, has been patronising and doing his 'I know best' performance. Does he fool anyone? Not a bit of it.

  4. Red Trousers are sooo 'last year'

  5. Mark,

    Dane Valley Ward came about by merging the polling district of Dane Park South with Northdown South polling district in 2003. I represented the both ends of ward for the Labour Party from 1995 to 2003 and it is one of those wards that requires a lot of hardwork and attention, the electorate either love you or hate you and there are no ifs or buts they want action and no excuses and that is how it is.
    Historicaly the conservatives usualy only field paper candidates in that area and in 2007 was the first time since 1974 a full slate of conservative candidates have actually represented the ward mainly due to a low turnout and the national swing which probably came as much of a surprise to the conservatives as it did everyone else. Ex Cllr Broadhurt has taken some real flak over this affair but the real blame should really rest with the conservatives for putting up a paper candidate who they knowingly was not up for the job.

  6. He's not an 'ex-councillor' yet, Tony and doesn't look likely to be for some time, sadly for the electorate of Dane Valley.

  7. Amazing how quickly this sort of thing is sorted out if there is an election due.