Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Slow Conservative Resignation, Quick Labour Application

Guest post from my fellow councillor John Watkins:

"It may have taken the Conservatives many months to get a single resignation letter from their Dane Valley councillor in Panama but it took less than a day for the Labour candidate to turn around her complex pile of nomination papers when the by-election was finally called on Tuesday.

Sandra Hart presented papers on Wednesday, all signed, sealed and endorsed by residents of Dane Valley Ward.

Sandra Hart said:

"The people of Dane Valley ward have had to put up with a very distant and disorganised councillor for far too long. It's time they were represented properly, by a genuinely local person who is keen and organised and who has the backing of a very efficient team.

I'd like to thank John as my agent for the superb way he is managing the formal and legal matters, our support team at Labour headquarters and especially the lovely local residents who have endorsed my papers".

Election day will be Thursday 3rd December and the polls will be open from 7am to 10pm. It will be interesting to see who the other candidates are.


  1. There an interesting topic on thanetonline blog which you may have missed. "Does Thanet have a Conservative run council or not?" Sandra Hart seems to have a supporter but cllr Gregory accepts that not all councilors are doing it out of a sense of public duty but for personal gain. He says learn to live with it! If this is the offical tory line then the votors know what to do.

  2. Trust Ken to come out with some incisive, political analysis.

  3. Anon thanks for the tip. To the anonymous person who wanted to comment about Sandra and who swore do please refrain yourself if you wish to be published.