Saturday, 17 October 2009

Piffling Pounds in Panama

Pictured is Cllr. Brian "4 jobs" Coleman. He earns £104,000 a year as Mayor of Barnet, a Barnet councillor, a member of the Greater London Authority, and Chair of the London Fire and EmergencyPlanning Authority. With so many hats, he is unable to perform his Mayoral duties to the same standards as his colleagues.
Talking of Standards, Brian Coleman was recently censured by Barnet Standards Committee for being abusive and offensive. Not before £10,000 was spent by Barnet Council on top lawyers to help him defend his reputation, even though the evidence was clear from the start, and Barnet Council had free lawyers available on insurance. An early apology to resolve matters does not seem to be part of the Conservative Party Code of Conduct.
You will see from the picture at his office at City Hall, London, that Brian Coleman has to sleep when at work, to keep the four jobs going. Click and enlarge it, and you will see that caffeine from a coffee, and a diet coke haven't been able to help stop the eyelids closing.
With all these similar shennanigans it could be that Thanet District Council's Conservative Group could twin with Barnet's Conservative Group. And yet, Barnet does have certain standards that Thanet cannot reach. Barnet Conservative councillor Christopher Harris has been in Australia for 4 months. He is collecting £800/month from Barnet Council, and is claiming he can do his job by email. Last Thursday night at Full Council, Thanet Council Leader Sandy Ezekiel said Stephen Broadhurst, resident in Panama for 2 years was doing his duties as a Dane Valley councillor by email.
Barnet's Council Leader makes a different judgment, and has stripped Councillor Christopher Harris of the Conservative Party Whip. Councillor Harris responded by wondering what the fuss was about, and claiming £800/month was a "piffling" sum of money. Councillor Stephen Broadhurst is "only" receiving £300/month. Yet some of this money will be going to the Conservative Party, he will pay subscriptions and may make other contributions. A Conservative councillor, who understandably wished to remain anonymous estimated that every councillor would contribute at least £50/year to the Conservative Party, and many contributed considerably more than that.
So local people pay Council Tax to receive a negligible service from Cllr. Broadhust, who pays the Conservative Party money. After so long abroad is Stephen Broadhurst still paying tax in the United Kingdom? Or is he like another Conservative funder Lord Ashcroft refusing to confirm that he pays UK tax?
It is time for Thanet Conservative Group to remove the Whip from Stephen Broadhurst, and for the Conservative Party to stop taking money from him.


  1. Didn't the tax payer cough up for legal advice for the Ezekiel/Latchford Woollen Mill saga of breach of standards last year? Was it really £100,000 of legal advice or was that just Thanet Gos? Did it really take Samuels/Ezekiel/Latchford a whole month to realise his resignation letter wasn't signed properly? What a surprise! Trying to delay a ward election in Dane Valley? Oh, by the way, does any TDC Councillor answer their e-mails? According to Michael child, only 6 out of 56 do! So what bulls**t from Ezekiel!

  2. Re. answering e-mails. It depends on the contents of the communication. I find some Tories do reply to me perhaps because they are unaware of my allegiances but if the contents are critical of TDC then no reply is forthcoming. There is one councillor who never replies to e-mails or even to hand-delivered letters so how contemptuous of his electorate is that?

    Labour councillors usually reply but then they know who I am so it's more a personal thing.