Friday, 9 October 2009

Happy Anniversary to the China Gateway Planning Approval

Guest blogger Jenny Matterface writes:

"Can it really be a year since that stormy full council meeting at which CGP (now CGI) was given planning permission for Phase 1? Can we ask what has happened since that day?

Firstly, has the Section 106 that so many councillors fought for been signed yet?

How many of the conditions imposed have been acted upon? The diversion of the public footpath; the installation of mains drainage; the environmental impact study; the archaeological study; the restricted hours of work and so on?

Has the Planning Committee been kept up to speed on the various elements it insisted on?

Has EKO LLP, that joint venture by TDC and KCC, finally sold the land required for the Gateway show building? There was talk of meetings being held at which terms were being negotiated but has a conclusion acceptable to both sides finally been agreed?

What did the Chinese visitors think of Margate during their recent visit? Did they approve of the three Mayors kow-towing to them when most of us would only bow to our Queen?

Is Cllr. Ezekiel sincere in his statement in the Isle of Thanet Gazette when he said there would be no expansion of the Manston Business Park? Where does that leave Phases 2 and 3 intended to be built on what has been described as ‘the most versatile agricultural land in England’.

Will the Chinese go ahead if they only have Phase 1?

The CGI shares are currently trading at a three- month low what is the immediate future for the company? With a massive bank loan due for re-payment will the company be able to re-negotiate their loans?

We all want worthwhile employment for Thanet. We know there would have been some jobs (but perhaps not as many as the company was promising) had the scheme got underway so it must be frustrating for all those who voted for the application to be approved to see so little apparent progress. Can we perhaps get an update from the company and its supporters as to when we might see some of the warehouses up and running? Will the company consider siting the HGV activity away from Acol so that the residents can get some sleep?

So many questions. So little real information."

Do have a look at the video, scroll to 3 minutes and watch Roger Latchford performing the traditional Thanet welcome to distinguished guests from the East, the removal of the traffic cone from the doorway. I know there was extensive cultural research in preparation for this visit, so perhaps this was some kind of feng shui?


  1. Just for a laugh do tell me which Kent MP was happy to accept a £20,000 "donation" to party funds.

    Free Tibet!

  2. As I think you know, the answer is none.

  3. Mark

    I notice that Cllr Bill Hayton's name is no longer listed as a member of Kent Police Authority.

    Funny Al Quedda goings on at English gun ranges

    The chap Yates named in that report was a colleague in International Bodyguards Assn with

    James Shortt

    Of course Shortt has been subject of my Thanet questions

    (1) 6th Thanet Gun Range live fire training of middle easterners ... whodunnit

    (2) Why did Cllr Bill Hayton phone to dissuade witness evidence about the activity at the range

    (3) Shortt was a director of a company called Special Training services which was a UK contact of Dr Wouter Basson who traded with Thor Chemicals of Margate. You know Mark the company whose contamination of the aquifer was exposed by my FOI application to Environment Agency.

    (4) At what stage did Chair of Planning HAYTON know about the Thor and Sericol aquifer contaminations ?

    (5) In 1998 was there internal inquiry at Sericol which found that tory Cllr MAISON had used forged Engineering qualifications to obtain work there for ten years as Site Safety Engineer ?

    (6) Was there a quid pro quo as Sericol were already keeping quiet about their then secret remediation project and wanted facts about allegedly employing unqualified Thanet tories, in responsible positions, to emerge like they wanted a hole in the head ?

    (7) Did Cllr Hayton in 1998 lie on oath to the High Court that there were no procedures of inquiry in place against Maison ?

    (a) Not the inquiry called for by Sir John Grugeon Chair of Kent Police Authority ?

    (b) Not further inquiry called for by HM Coroner Rebecca Cobb ?

    (c) Not inquiries at Sericol ?

    I am pretty sure I emailed you, Mark. with some attached copy correspondence but I will check that I did so.

    It is correspondence between live fire bodyguard training organisations about one month before 6th Thanet Range member Ken Speakman (ex MI5) was tortured and murdered in his Ramsgate Home 1996.

    I think now is a good time to raise again the question of how Thanet Council Standards Cttee sat whilst the evidence file was withheld by Acting Chair Cllr Neville Hudson. The evidence file which included photos of unlawful firing at 6th Thanet Gun Range. Cllr Dave Green was on the Cttee and Cllr Nicholson moved with Hudson to full council to endorse Standards nil action decision.