Saturday, 24 October 2009

Glum Councillors

Here's a relatively new blog to take the mickey out of those councillors including myself (surely not!?) who take themselves a little too seriously at times. It is called Glum Councillors and...

".....will doggedly collate images of councillors looking glum whilst pointing at holes in the road, wearing hard hats or presenting oversized cheques. Lets celebrate the work of our local elected representatives!"

Looking around Thanet District Council, Deputy Leader Cllr. Roger Latchford has to be a strong contender for regular entries. Here he is pictured at Thanet's Credit Union Wantsum Savers

"supporting the new Thanet Gateway Plus initiative"

Look at that beaming welcome he is giving Thanet Credit Union President, Dr. John Pritchard. I wonder what facial expression he would use if he had some bad news? Thanet Council's Donna Reed, Head of Thanet Council’s Customer Services looks on.

At the last Council meeting I mentioned an old post on this blog about the East Kent Sustainable Community Strategy. Responding Cllr. Latchford said that he did not read this blog, quick as a flash one of my colleagues said, no he has a little man who does it for him. I wonder if this is who they meant?


  1. I suggest your leader, at a bus stop with Iris would make a good photo (this weeks gazette) he's either glum or more likely his favourite pose "indignant"

  2. I've even known him to be outraged a few times too - then again there's plenty to be unhappy about, I know I have photos out there which could feature too!