Monday, 21 September 2009

Too sexy to be a Tory

I love this story about London Borough of Hillingdon Conservative Councillor Geoff Courtenay (pictured hunk of the day) being deselected by the Conservative Party for being "93% sexy". his main crime seems to have been to have had a sense of humour....

Posting on Facebook, councillor Courtenay filled out a 'How Sexy Am I' quiz, which told him he was '93 per cent sexy'. Posting below it, Courtenay wrote: "Why are they saying 93 per cent? I demand a recount, I want 100 per cent."

Councillor Courtenay is known among his counterparts for his sense of humour, but the top brass in the Conservative cabinet did not find it amusing. In a letter from Christopher White, Conservative group chairman, Councillor Courtenay was told: "The selection panel had several concerns when interviewing you, there is the issue of your lack of judgement over inappropriate material being placed by you on your social networking site Facebook

The Conservatives are continuing to try and oust him. Perhaps he should move to Thanet and become a councillor, there are after all several jokers who have done rather well in the local Conservative Party.

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