Thursday, 10 September 2009

Toilet Talk and Thanet Coast Project fights vandalism

As mentioned on Eastcliff Richard last week, I was one of the people protesting at the proposed closure of the toilets on Ramsgate Beach. This is featured in this week's Thanet Times.
One of the protesters gave me a detailed briefing on prostate problems, bladder weakness and how essential public toilets are to encourage visitors of all ages.

Moving further along under the Eastcliff there is Ramsgate's Sea Garden which is in need of a little TLC. Although as my picture shows (click on them to enlarge) the weeds were welcome to a cluster of snails.

I visited with officers from Thanet Coast Project who were keen and enthusiatic on the attractions of Ramsgate. They sadly showed me how quickly one of the shelters further along the cliff on the way to Broadstairs had been vandalised with graffiti.
The delightful murals had only been completed a few weeks ago and on the second one after the initial graffiti they added "This work was completed by young people."
Hopefully this will make those thinking of defacing the shelters think twice. The third shelter is due to be painted with a mural soon. They are great examples of public art undertaken by our local community and I hope they will be valued by everybody.


  1. I was disappointed when I saw the state of the Sea Garden for which TDC paid a local artist an not inconsiderable sum to create. Was there no 'exit strategy' to ensure its upkeep? Yet another good idea that wasn't thought through properly.

  2. Apparently there is a new government consultation paper about provision of public conveniences- certainly worth researching

  3. I see that TDC are considering selling off the toilets in Westbrook (closed down years ago):

    "Former promenade toilets, adjacent to Seaview Terrace, Westbrook".

    As far as I can tell this area (adjacent to the mini golf & cafeteria) gets just as busy in the summer months as that stretch of beach in Ramsgate does. I'd be interested to know more regarding anon 9:13's comment...

  4. If we all keep an eye out for this consultation paper we'll find it eventually. Watch this space!

  5. I like the way the artist has captured the crumbling concrete look and the rusty reinforcing rods are almost realistic