Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Salute to one of our Soldiers and Councillors

A Labour colleague has pointed out to me the story of Ipswich Labour Councillor Alasdair Ross (pictured). He is also a reserve Sergeant Major undertaking a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He is now halfway through his deployment, and his absence from Ipswich Council would normally have led to his removal as a Councillor for failing to attend a meeting for over six months.
I am pleased to hear that a report approving his non-attendance at meetings from January 2009 until December 2009 due to his reserves forces call-out received almost unanimous cross-party support, with only two abstentions.

His councillor colleagues from the Labour group and the two Conservative members with whom he shares his Rushmere ward have worked to ensure that neither local residents, nor Ipswich in general suffer as a consequence. The local media have also been supportive, running regular updates of his experiences in Afghanistan.
I have added Alasdair's blog to my blogroll as a small measure of recognition to one of our soldiers who is serving us. I feel a small bond as a councillor who occasionally works abroad. Like him I am able to keep in touch with colleagues and current affairs in the area I represent from afar. We both use mobile phones, email, Twitter and a blog to continue our Council work wherever we are. Alasdair has John Cook, Secretary of Ipswich Labour Party to open his correspondence for him, so it can then be forwarded electronically if necessary.

Alasdair must be one of the most outstanding councillors in the country. I salute him.
UPDATE 10.09.09
More on Alasdair in Helmond on John Gray's blog here and here.


  1. A man who deserves our admiration; and well done for making the point.

    A Tory voter!

  2. but he should resign and let someone who can do the job do it