Saturday, 5 September 2009


There has been much speculation as to whether and when Panama resident Cllr. Stephen Broadhurst (pictured) has resigned from Thanet District Council. I am advised that a written resignation letter was received by Thanet District Council on Friday and that this asks for a resignation date of 30th September.
Working in politics I am a keen student of elections. My understanding is that this letter may be incorrect. Resignations are normally effective from the date of the letter. Now allowing for the letter having to travel from Panama a post dated resignation is to say the least questionable.
My Labour colleagues we will be looking at Electoral Law to see if this "resignation" is legitimate. There is one thing that could be done to improve matters. Why do the Conservative Group on Thanet Council not take disciplinary action against Cllr. Broadhurst and suspend/expel him? Why do they tolerate this situation? Are there any circumstances in which they will take disciplinary action against one of their own?
Surely being uncontactable by constituents for a further month after several previous months of the same and still wanting to receive hundreds of pounds is reason enough to do something?


  1. I'm also wondering if he has apologised to the people he has suppossed to have been representing, though I suspect not...

  2. Does this mean you will be handing back part of your allowance for al the meetings you have missed and all the time you spend away from Thanet where you can't represent your people councillor?

    Or is it one rule for you and another for everyone else?

    Clearly the tory should hand back our cash, but your sanctimonious witterings in this and your previous post make me feel sick.

  3. Attendance related pay? An interesting idea, there is one Conservative who has spent several months on holiday this year. Others in leading position who have taken several weeks holiday. I have had only 1 week on holiday in the last year. Other Conservatives who never respond to emails or phone calls unlike myself. Believing the repeated lies of Simon Moores is always unwise.

    You no doubt feel sick because you are a Conservative supporter, and are too embarassed to put your name to your post. I note your comment was posted originally at 00.57 and I clicked on the wrong moderating button so have reposted your comment.

    I agree with other Thanet bloggers that creatures of the night like yourself are a problem and have not posted other similar anonymous abusive comments.

  4. Once again, Mark, you should cross check your own views, with yourself as much as anybody else. Only a little while ago you were commenting that to accept a resignation and force a by election in the party conference season would be unwise. Now, when the process appears to be achieving that you wish to criticise and consult electoral law - which I do not think will help, a Cllr has the right of his own decision over timing of their resignation i believe.

    None of this means I approve of what Cllr Broadhurst has done. Again you criticise conservatives for not being open in saying that, but when other conservatives put criticism on theirblogs, your 'leader' uses the criticism in politicalcampaigning letters as proof of dishonesty. Ask yourself why the public honesty you demand isoften not there? Because of the way words are twisted to advantage by your (generic labour) desperation.

    I do not know of Cllr Broadhurst personal circumstances regarding his Panama residency. It is possible he may have had to wait for confirmation of contracts, or visa or whatever before knowing where in the end he would settle. Personally I would say his judgement was at fault and he waited too long - but I do not know the boundaries of his decision and what else it depended upon.

    Not so long ago, you were screaming for a by election; now you are getting one, you find elements of the as yet unaanounced process to criticise. Your hysteria is getting tiresome... suspect, having watched his approach for some years, you are spending too much time listening to Clive. Hysterical hyperbole has always been his speciality, and always seems to rub off on those around him.

  5. On the date of the by-election I am sure you know either party can force the date and my comment was that neither political party should try to arrange a date that disadvantaged the other. Simply fair play not what you seek to misrepresent.

    I have argues for his resignation for months. You are right a cllr can decide when they resign unless they fail to attend for 6 months. Similarly the Conservative group should have investigated Cllr Broadhurst's absences earlier and in my view acted, and should still do so even now at this late date. Are you happy that he reamins a fellow Conservative Group member?

    Only a few months ago I was being criticised for being Richard Nicholson's mouthpiece when he was Labour leader. I am happy to be associated with both Clive Hart and Richard Nicholson, men with unblemished records of leadership in local politics, but my views as the comment at the top of the blog says are my own.

  6. Putative new A level citizenship question:

    "Who, in your view, has more damaged the lives of the citizens of Dane Valley: an absent Stephen Broadhurst, or an active Gordon Brown?"

  7. Supplementary:

    "The ability of people in a democracy to vote their representatives out of office is a mainstay of the democratic process"

    Please discuss in relation to,Gordon Brown, Stephen Broadhurst, and Peter Mandelson.

  8. Supplementary:

    "The ability of people in a democracy to vote their representatives out of office is a mainstay of democracy"

    Discuss in relation to Gordon Brown, Stephen Broadhurst, and Peter Mandelson.

  9. People that live in glass houses should not throw stones. This should be pointed out to the Village Voice blog councilor who tries to ridicle South Thanet Libdems because their web site is hosted by a company in Folkestone and is also promoted by a Shepway resident. Folkestone is a bit closer than Panama. Folkestone being the town where there have been a number of Libdem defectors. Can some body remind me if this has never taken place in Thanet. This petty attempt to score points just illustrates why only a minority of residents bother to vote and to most of them their local councilors and even MPs are anonomous.

  10. Before I am castigated for being an anonymous commentor (and for that reason alone, labelled a troublemaker by a certain blogger) - I feel this just as much a right as a closeted anon tick in the electrol voting box. All elected councillors behaviour should be far more closely monitored, as they are in our employ and pay. If they come up wide of the mark (which itself seems to be a wavering one) they should be forced to resign immediately or at least put right their behaviour within a specified time period. I can already think of one conservative councillor who should, merely for his endless arrogance, lack of social skills and inflated superiority complex be enrolled on a "how to be a good councillor" course

  11. When Laura Sandys was first selected as the Tory candidate for S. Thanet her address for some considerable time was a Walmer one where she appeared to share office facilities with the Conservatives of Dover and Deal. Her contact details only changed after, I assume, she aquired funding from the very absent Lord Ashcroft who lives in Belize although I've read he's fallen out big time with the new Prime Minister of Belize. Perhaps Ashcroft and Stephen Broadhurst could form a Tory Party based in Central America.

    It's amazing how Ken Gregory omitted to refer to Ms. Sandys siting herself in Walmer but I forgot that he is, of course, now a Tory himself so he wouldn't would he?

  12. You duck and dive, bob and weave and fail to respond adequately to the question, as always, councillor.

    And my original post was on return from a night out with friends at more like 22:54. So you continue to dishonestly manipulate the truth by using phrases like "creature of the night" as your political full time job must train and encourage you to do.

    And I believe that even lower end political opertors like yourself are entitled to take holidays as long as their role is covered by colleagues. My instincts are conservavtive with a small "c", and I remain anonymous because that is an option you give me.

    I am certainly encouraged by what I read in the papers about the development of our area by the party in power locally. The windfarms operation at Ramsgate port, fast ferry, Pleasurama, Turner gallery, Tesco project, Margate Harbour arm, Manston Business Park and airport developments all seem to me to be exactly what we are looking for. Long may they continue to be in charge of our destinies.

  13. Maybe anon 22.49 has had the privilege to travel on the fast ferry!! It was first promised at the end of March. I booked a week in Ramsgate in August so that I could use it. It was then promised by the end of August. Promises, promises.
    Where is the TDC Euroferries update press release?. I read from the press releases that the ferry operator is planning to transport most of the passenger away from Thanet by coach.
    And what a mess the Pleasurama site was for us visitors. Could the TDC not have tidied it up for the summer? Anon 22.49 dont you realise the risk the council is taking by appointing an offshore developer that has no track record. If you were to employ a builder the first thing youj look at is their previous work record. You must be worried that with the £5 million bond being reduce to £1` million that TDC tax payers will be left all at sea on this one.
    And I for one wont be sitting on the Royal Sands if any more of those old jumbos scream overhead, one or two a day can be tolerated but not every hour. TDC cant have it both ways, if Manston is to be developted then Ramsgate as a tourist centre and pleasant residencial area has to be sacrified.
    But then TDC with its new found Rail and soon to come road links could follow the KingsHill airport developent model and enjoy a bit of prosperity.

  14. Anon 22.49 I owe you an apology, the email notfiying receipt of your comment was timed at 00.57 and that is what i received and relied upon. Looking at it again the comment was posted at the time you give. The mysteries of blogspot rather than the unfortunate mindset you adopt and assume. I know others have had problems posting comments and sometimes have to submit comments twice. As to ducking and diving by remaining anaonymous I think it is clear who is doing that. As I have commented to others, why if someone is proud of the achievements of our Council do they remain anonymous? I have given credit where it is appropriate to Thanet Council. The role of opposition is to constructively criticise and provide alternatives. Your characterisation does you no credit, another reason for anonymity no doubt.